Sydney Opera House

Netta Yashchin


Background: Netta has graduated from the Tel-Aviv University Acting department in 1993. She was an actress for one of Israel’s most innovative theatres companies the Itim Ensemble. Itim’s production Va-Yomer, Va-Yelech was presented in the 1998 Telstra Adelaide Festival. She formed the Yashchin Ensemble in Adelaide. The Ensemble presented a hand full of earth, Mnemosyne, and the intimate. Acting and directing credits: She performed in the show Checklist for an armed robber. Directed The Hit, by Christos Tsiolkas, Talk to me Like the Rain and Let Me listen… by Tennessee Williams for STC SA 2007. She performed in Memmie Le- Blank. Netta undertook the post graduate course in directing at NIDA 2009. She directed Woytzeck for downstairs Belvoir St. She directed Notes from Underground by Dostoyevsky for the Sydney Chamber Opera. She directed Blasted for STCSA, Animal Farm for ATYP, and That Pretty Pretty or The Rape Play for Tap Gallery. At the moment she is presenting the chamber opera climbing Towards Midnight with SCO.

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