Sydney Opera House

Statement on ensemble artist contracts

Opera Australia would like to thank everyone who has expressed interest in the future of the company and its artists. 

Opera Australia is in a period of transition as it implements new strategies to ensure its viability into the future. Happily, the transition has so far proved successful and Opera Australia is recognised as one of the few opera companies in the world that is bucking the trend of decline and increasing both its audience and the amount of work it creates for artists. Nevertheless, as with many arts companies, its position remains financially precarious. 
Opera Australia has put before the minority of principal singers who have been engaged on 52 week contracts a proposal to undertake more flexible employment arrangements. It is regrettable that this has been partially reported in the media. We think it appropriate to continue to discuss the proposals directly with the singers affected and their agents and union, before responding publicly to questions about any new arrangements. 
Opera Australia  is continually working to respond to its audiences and improve its financial position. It is true that this change is challenging for the company and artists involved and we thank all of the company's supporters for their concern.