House seats

House Seats

The only way to request complimentary tickets is by completing this form.

Complimentary tickets are available to OA employees (permanent and casual, for their employment period).

As a guide, 200 seats will be available for opening nights and 12 available for all other performances. However, these numbers will be reduced or increased by the Executive Producer depending on demand. When complimentary tickets are not available, 8 house seats will be held until three days before each performance for purchase at the staff discount rate. 

You may apply for one or two tickets for personal use. You may apply for more tickets if it is to host a client for business purposes. 

The only way to request complimentary tickets is by completing this form. You will be advised whether you have been successful at least two days before the performance. If you are successful, you will receive a ticketing confirmation email.

Applications will be prioritised as follows:

  • Staff who must attend the performance to work;
  • Artists whose contracts include complimentary tickets;
  • Staff who are hosting clients for business purposes;
  • Those who have not attended a performance recently will be prioritised over those who have. 
  • At most performances, tickets are scanned. If your tickets are not scanned on two occasions, we will assume your tickets have not been used and you will not be allowed to apply for comps for a period of 6 months. 

You are still welcome to purchase tickets with the staff discount any time or Company Rush when available by logging in on this website.