Silk and butterfly wings float on water with Madama Butterfly

To book, choose the number of people attending.

Select a performance of Madama Butterfly, and then choose dinner at either Zilver or The Canopy (your whole party should book dinner for the same restaurant).

Make sure to book an opera and dinner for the same day, and add both to your cart so we can make your reservation. We’ll make a dinner reservation for you and your guests at 5:30pm before your performance at 7:30pm at the Capitol Theatre.

This offer is only available for performances of Madama Butterfly 24–28, 31 Oct & 1,2,4 Nov 2017 at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer. This offer is limited by restaurant availability. Bookings close at 5:30pm two days before the performance, unless sold out. This offer is only valid when the chosen performance and dinner are on the same date. The whole party must book for dinner at the same restaurant. Orders will be checked and amended if the date of the chosen performance and dinner are not the same. This offer is only valid when the same number of performance tickets and dinners are purchased in the same transaction. Dinner reservations are made at 5:30pm, and the customer must order from the 'Dinner on us' menu by 6pm. This offer is only available through the Opera Australia box office and at This offer cannot be applied restrospectively.

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