Madama Butterfly

Under 30 Subscription Packages

Your 20s are the decade to do it all: see the world, try new things and have adventures. It's a decade for drama and decadence. It's the decade to do all of the above… at the opera.

But if you haven't ticked off a night at the opera — better yet — three nights at the opera, you're missing out on dramatic and lavish entertainment — at around what you might spend for a nice dinner out.    

Take advantage of our Under 30 subscription packages and no one has to know you're paying peanuts for premium entertainment.

Choose three shows, pick three dates and you're pre-planned and pre-paid for three fantastic nights out in 2019. Commitment-phobic? As a subscriber, you can exchange your tickets for free.  

Pick and mix your favourites, or choose from one of our curated packages: 

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