Natalie Aroyan stars as Aida at Griffith Opera on the Beach

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

As part of 2018 ATE, Opera Australia invites you to attend a performance of Opera on Sydney Harbour—La Bohème

Sydney's most spectacular event. For four weeks, an astonishing purpose-built outdoor venue is created in the Royal Botanic Gardens on Sydney Harbour. 

Puccini’s beloved opera, La Bohème, opens your soul to emotions too big for words. His music swells with love, soars in ecstasy, crackles with jealousy and cries with heartache. Experience the romance of the original bohemian love story at the magnificent Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. You’ll taste the best of Sydney in a single night out: food, fireworks, singing and spectacle under the stars.

Please complete the form to register your interest in seeing  La Bohème on Sydney Harbour, on 20 September 2017. All requests are valid for a maximum of one ticket only. Additional tickets can be requested for guests by contacting

Wednesday 20 September 2017, 6:30pm
Fleet Steps, Mrs Macquaries Point

Watch the trailer: La Bohème on Sydney Harbour

Watch the trailer: La Bohème on Sydney Harbour