Sydney Opera House

Looking towards a new Boheme

A message from the Artistic Director

A new production of La bohème is always an exciting time for any opera company, as well as for the opera-going public. It’s also a very tense time for everyone involved. The company’s expectations of the Director, Designer and Conductor are high, and the cast of extremely talented singers is aware that they will be compared with great artists from the past.

However, it’s also a time of great joy because working on La bohème at any time is a wonderful gift that isn’t available to many people. Opera Australia's new production of La bohème is, and has been from day one, tense, full of fun, laughter and tears, and extraordinarily emotional.

The pressure on Gale Edwards, Brian Thompson and Christian Badea is extreme and the singers, too, feel the responsibility of singing this wonderful music every day in the rehearsal room as they start to inhabit their roles.

I watched a complete run-through of the opera this morning and I was reminded of how Puccini's maid found the great composer in his study with the score of La bohème open where he had just written the last notes of his masterpiece...he was weeping at his desk.

His maid enquired as to what was wrong and he replied, "Mimi has just died...”

This morning in the rehearsal room Mimi was dying and Rodolfo was crying his heart out...and everyone in the rehearsal room was in tears.

Come and see this La bohème. It is very special.

- Lyndon Terracini