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Opera Summer School


Internationally acclaimed Australian soprano Lisa Gasteen’s dream of establishing a summer school for highly talented young opera singers in Australia will soon be realised when the school opens in November/December 2011 at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.

Professor Gasteen, who teaches Opera at Queensland Conservatorium, said she’d always lamented the fact that to progress their careers aspiring singers had to travel to Europe or America to train with the best coaches available.  

“It disturbs me that we still have to travel so far to access that expertise.  I’ve always thought that if we could bring experts to Australia to work with our people here, it would be of benefit to a greater number of singers.

“The summer school will be devoted to providing the advanced student or young professional with coaching they would otherwise have to go overseas for.

“Places are limited and classes are run in intensive mode so it will be very important that the students are of a high enough level to quickly assimilate what they are being taught.

“I have great hopes for the future and further development of the school and believe it has the potential to really raise the ability and awareness of those who attend.”

The summer school will have local and international professionals working with young singers to hone their craft and raise standards including Glenn Winslade, Margaret Baker-Genovesi and Giovanni Reggioli.

For more information about the opera summer school visit Phone 07 3735 6264 or email