Lisa McCune and Hugh Sheridan star in The Divorce

Our favourite moments from The Divorce

1. Bad guys be bad guys.

2. I'm an artist.

3. It's a party!

4. When your loan shark turns up to the party.

5. When a fanboy gets a tattoo of your words.

6. When you find yourself dancing next to your love rival: "Looking forward to my wife?"

7. "I love you just... Enormously."

8. Pure chemistry.

9. Between sisters, husbands can be swapped.

10. Watch out, Caroline!

11. "Invisible money was my chief delusion."

12. Finding your patsy.

13. It's getting hot in this freezing cold greenhouse.

14. "I've been looking for you all my life."

15. When you have to get back to work but you're not wearing pants.

16. Time's almost up, Caroline!

17. Impending death is a powerful aphrodisiac.

18. When everyone's in love and you just want a drink.