Regional Workshop

Education Workshops

In 2014, the national tour of Mozart’s The Magic Flute will be accompanied by education workshops. 

Targeted at upper secondary music and drama students, this free program offers students a valuable insight into the world of opera and the performing arts through the eyes of the artists and technical team.

Scenes from the opera are played out, and the touring company share their experience of performing life.

The workshops are guided by the students themselves and their particular interests; they are able to ask questions, share their own stories and are encouraged to perform themselves.


"As a performer on stage, it’s a rewarding journey being able to take opera to the whole country but being involved with the education workshops in schools, community groups and choirs is an entirely unique and very special experience.

"We go into a class of young adults and assure them that the arts community is a broad church with many opportunities whether on stage, backstage, orchestral, technical, management, etc…it is entirely possible to find a career in the arts. To impart not only knowledge but also the joy of being a professional."

Eddie Muliaumaseali’i, Singer and facilitator of Education Workshops



Workshops dates are still being finalised.  Check back soon, or to make an enquiry or booking in the meantime, contact



Opera Australia's regional and schools touring program is made possible by generous donations from opera lovers. Opera Australia would like to thank:

Andrew and Tracey Sisson