The Ring Cycle - Siegfried

Learning Resources

Opera Australia's education program includes a range of free learning resources for students and teachers. 

Suitable for: Secondary students, years 7-11
Curriculum links: music, drama, visual arts/design, dance, history

Opera History

French Opera in the 19th Century (pdf)
German Opera in the 19th Century (pdf)
Italian Opera in the 19th Century (pdf)
Opera in the 18th Century (pdf)
Opera in the 17th Century (pdf)
The Fundamentals of Opera (pdf)


The Life of Giuseppe Verdi (pdf)
The Life of Mozart (pdf)
The Operas of Mozart (pdf)

The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute (pdf)
The Life of Mozart (pdf)
The Operas of Mozart (pdf)
Classroom Activities (zip, 7MB)

musical Theatre

Music Theatre in America (pdf)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 -91. Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Amelie Matterna, the first Brünnhilde, her horse, Grane, was donated by King Ludwig II. Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Rossini painted shortly after the premiere of L’Italiana in Algeri. Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
The Duke of Newcastle and the Earl of Lincoln. Both were subscribers to the Royal Academy of Music, who ensured a regular supply of singers and composers for Italian opera seria in London. Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons