Two Weddings, One Bride

Strauss, Offenbach, Lehár and more

Two Weddings, One Bride

Sydney Opera House Playhouse


The governor is in a pickle. Those bankers are so fickle!

He's stretched the state purse a little too far and his creditors will soon come a-knocking.

But twin daughters he's got, so he hatches a plot, which might save him from a royal bollocking!

A double wedding could save the day, but when pesky pirates get in the way, it's up to Giroflé to make things ok.

All of your favourite operetta waltzes, polkas and songs by Strauss, Offenbach, Lehár and Kálmán come together in this raucous comedy. Two Weddings, One Bride is a brand new operetta created by Robert Greene, based on a story by Charles Lecocq.

Gather for a fun night out at the Sydney Opera House and let the sumptuous costumes, pretty sets and joyful melodies take you all the way to French Morocco.


Twin girls, one decked in pink, one blue

Plan to marry suitors brave and true

A wedding could save their father's bacon, too

If those damn pirates will stay away...

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Created by Robert Andrew Greene
Additional Material by Dean Bryant
Music Director Robert Andrew Greene
Director Dean Bryant
Set Designer Owen Phillips
Costume Designer Tim Chappel
Lighting Designer John Rayment
Choreographer Andrew Hallsworth
Assistant Director Sally Hare
Giroflé / Girofla Zoe Drummond (from 12 Oct)
  Julie Lea Goodwin (until 25 Jun)
Pedro / Celebrant / François / Australian Colonel Michael Petruccelli
Marasquin Nicholas Jones
General Modigliani Andrew Jones
Philippe John Bolton Wood
Aurore Geraldine Turner
Piano Robert Andrew Greene
Violin Yukhi Mayne

Running time: approximately 90 minutes, with no interval.

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