Lucia di Lammermoor


Lucia di Lammermoor

Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House

Lucia is a woman on the edge of insanity: deceived by her brother, bereft of her lover, she marries a man she does not love and descends into madness.

The sopranos that conquer her stratospheric notes are some of the greatest the world has ever seen. Jessica Pratt has joined the ranks of Nellie Melba and Joan Sutherland: one of just three Australians to sing this role on the hallowed La Scala stage.

Now, she returns home to make her Sydney Opera House debut.

Passions run hot on the cold moors of Scotland, and Donizetti traces every moment with exquisite music. The score is full of highlights, but none compare with the dazzling coloratura of Lucia’s mad scene.

The blood-covered bride emerges from her chamber a vocal whirling dervish, while the flute plays in haunting accompaniment.

Pratt performs her celebrated Lucia with Michael Fabiano’s intense Edgardo and Giorgio Caoduro’s menacing Enrico.

Carlo Montanaro conducts this brilliant young cast in a compelling production by John Doyle with period designs by Liz Ascroft.


Do not make her say, without love, 'til death do us part'

Lest death come swiftly and madness follow.

Conductor Carlo Montanaro
Director John Doyle
Revival Director Roger Press
Set & Costume Designer Liz Ascroft
Lighting Designer Jane Cox
Lucia Jessica Pratt
Edgardo Michael Fabiano
  Diego Torre (27 Jul)
Enrico Giorgio Caoduro
Raimondo Richard Anderson
Alisa Jane Ede
Arturo John Longmuir
Normanno Benjamin Rasheed

Opera Australia Chorus

Opera Australia Orchestra

Please note that this performance contains strobe lighting effects.

Running time: approximately 2 hours & 40 minutes, including one interval.

A co-production between Houston Grand Opera, Opera Australia and Teatro La Fenice.
The StoryHide

Lucia is truly, madly, deeply in love with a man her whole family despises.

When her brother Enrico discovers their love, he is furious, and devises a plot to drive the lovers apart.

He does it without thought for her heart, but it is Lucia’s mind that will pay the price for his actions.

Not afraid of spoilers? Read the full synopsis.

In a feud between the Scottish families of Ravenswood and Lammermoor, Enrico (Lord Henry Ashton of Lammermoor) has gained the upper hand over Edgardo (Edgar of Ravenswood), murdering his kinsmen and usurping his estates. By the time of the opera’s action, in the late seventeenth century, Enrico’s fortunes are beginning to wane; in political disfavour, he stakes all on uniting his family with that of Arturo (Lord Arthur Bucklaw), whom he means to force his sister, Lucia, to marry.

Act I

Scene i

In the grounds of Ravenswood Castle, Enrico’s men prepare to search for a mysterious trespasser. Normanno, their leader, remains behind to greet Enrico, who decries the refusal of his sister – Lucia – to marry Arturo. When the minister, Raimondo, suggests that grief over her mother’s recent death keeps her from thoughts of love, Normanno reveals that Lucia has been discovered keeping trysts with a hunter who saved her from a raging bull; he suspects the stranger is none other than Edgardo. Enrico rages and as the men return to confirm Normanno’s suspicions, he swears vengeance on the lovers.

Scene ii

At a ruined fountain near Ravenswood Castle, Lucia awaits a rendezvous with Edgardo. She tells her confidante, Alisa, of a maiden’s ghost that haunts the fountain. Alisa interprets this as a foretelling. It prompts her to predict a tragic end to Lucia’s love for Edgardo. Though Alisa implores her to take care, Lucia cannot restrain her love. On arrival, Edgardo explains that he must go to France on a political mission but wishes to reconcile himself with Enrico so that he and Lucia may marry. Lucia, knowing her brother will not relent, begs Edgardo to keep their love a secret; though infuriated at Enrico’s persecution, he agrees. The lovers seal their vows by exchanging rings, then bid each other an impassioned farewell.

Act II

Scene i

In his study, Enrico plots with Normanno to force Lucia to marry Arturo, whose wedding party is on its way. As Normanno goes off to greet the bridegroom, Lucia enters only to be shown a forged letter, supposedly from Edgardo, proving him pledged to another women. Crushed, she longs for death, but Raimondo then comforts Lucia. Urging her to consent to the wedding, he invokes the memory of Lucia’s mother and asks that she respect the desperate family situation. When she yields, he reminds her that there are heavenly
rewards for earthly sacrifices.


Scene ii

In the great hall of Ravenswood, as guests hail the union of two important families, Arturo pledges to restore the Ashton’s prestige. Enrico prepares him for Lucia’s melancholy by pleading her grief over her mother’s recent death. No sooner has she entered and been forced to sign the marriage contract than Edgardo bursts into the hall; returning unexpectedly from France, he has learned of the wedding and comes to claim his bride. In the great sextet which follows, Edgardo asks why he is restraining himself from vengeance; Enrico expresses remorse; Lucia sings of her despair; Raimondo invokes the aid of Heaven; and Alisa and Arturo pray that there will be no bloodshed. Violence is averted only when Raimondo commands the combatants to put up their  swords. Seeing Lucia’s signature on the contract, Edgardo returns her ring to her, then demands his own. He curses her and storms from the hall. Hardly comprehending his words, Lucia collapses.


Scene i

In the great hall, the continuing wedding festivities are halted when Raimondo enters to announce that Lucia, gone mad, has stabbed and killed Arturo. Unaware of what she has done, she wanders in, recalling her meetings with Edgardo at the fountain and imagining her wedding to him. When the angry Enrico rushes in, he is silenced by the sight of her pitiful condition.  Believing herself in heaven Lucia falls, dying.

Scene ii

Among the tombs of his ancestors, Edgardo laments Lucia’s supposed infidelity. He anticipates an end to his own life, which is empty and miserable without his beloved. Guests leaving Ravenswood Castle come upon the scene and tell Edgardo that the dying Lucia has called his name. As he is about to rush to her side, a funeral bell is heard and Raimondo arrives to tell of her death. Resolving to join Lucia in heaven Edgardo stabs himself and dies. Enrico insists on her marrying at once to save the family fortunes, and his own life.


"A superlative night at the opera, with thrilling singing and red-hot drama."

— Limelight magazine

"... it is the outstanding performances of the three leads that make this production a must-see."

The Australian

"Pratt’s performance was a tour-de-force..."

The Sydney Morning Herald


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