Opera for One: Il Viaggio a Reims


Opera for One: Il Viaggio a Reims

Arts Centre Melbourne, State Theatre

New production

A Magritte, a van Gogh and a Goya walk into a gallery…

If Rossini made a showreel of his best work, it would sound like Il Viaggio a Reims (The Journey to Reims). The prolific composer was unabashedly showing off when he wrote this incredible work, destined to dazzle the aristocracy at the crowning of Charles X and then disappear forever. The simple plot is a marvellous excuse for a string of fantastic arias and impressive ensemble pieces.

Because it’s so demanding and expensive to stage, it’s never been seen in Australia before. But in 2019, Rossini’s exultant opera finally makes its Australian premiere, a spectacular vehicle for some of your favourite performers.

In Damiano Michieletto’s playful take, the eccentric cast of characters find themselves in a gallery filled with the master works of art history. Velázquez’s enormous dresses jostle for space with Keith Haring’s cheerful murals. Frida Kahlo and van Gogh compare self-portraits. It’s a surreal world, where artworks step out of the frame and come to life the moment the lights go out.

Delightful, surprising, spectacular and frivolous, this co-production with Dutch National Opera and the Royal Danish Theatre is a perfect foil for Rossini’s jubilant score.

Gaze at the world’s most famous art through the magnificent (and thoroughly tongue-in-cheek) sets and costumes. Paolo Fantin and Carla Teti have recreated iconic works with remarkable fidelity.

Young Australian conductor Daniel Smith makes his long-awaited debut with Opera Australia, bringing his characteristic sparkle in the pit to a huge cast of talents.

Conductor Daniel Smith
Director Damiano Michieletto
Revival Director Meisje Barbara Hummel
Set Designer Paolo Fantin
Costume Designer Carla Teti
Lighting Designer Alessandro Carletti
Lighting Design realised by Ludovico Gobbi
Assistant Director Constantine Costi
Corinna Ruth Iniesta
Contessa di Folleville Emma Pearson
Madama Cortese Julie Lea Goodwin
Marchesa Melibea Sian Sharp
Cavalier Belfiore Juan de Dios Mateos
Conte di Libenskof Shanul Sharma
Barone di Trombonok Warwick Fyfe
Lord Sidney Teddy Tahu Rhodes
Don Profondo Giorgio Caoduro
Maddalena Jennifer Black
Don Alvaro Luke Gabbedy
Don Prudenzio Conal Coad
Don Luigino John Longmuir
Antonio Christopher Hillier
Delia Kathryn Radcliffe
Modestina Agnes Sarkis
Zefirino Stuart Haycock

Opera Australia Chorus

Orchestra Victoria

Running time: approximately 3 hours, including one interval.

A co-production of the Dutch National Opera, Amsterdam, Opera Australia, and Royal Danish Opera, Copenhagen.

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A cast of unlikely characters find themselves stranded in a gallery on the way to the coronation of the King.

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