Puccini's last and unfinished opera tells the tale of Turandot, the cruel daughter of the Chinese Emperor, who demands that her suitors correctly answer three riddles. If they fail they are beheaded. Turandot does this in memory of a female ancestor who was brutally ravished and murdered by a marauding prince. Many have failed her test, the latest being the Prince of Persia who will be executed at moonrise. Watching is Calaf, son of the King of Tartary, who on seeing Turandot is captivated by her beauty and he takes up the challenge. With Rosario La Spina cast as Calaf, Susan Foster as the icy princess and Hyeseoung Kwon as the loyal slave girl Liù, this performance is superlative throughout.

Released 2013
Composer Giacomo Puccini
Conductor Andrea Licata
Director Graeme Murphy
Designer Kritsian Fredrikson
Lighting Designer  John Drummond Montgomery
Turandot Susan Foster
Calaf Rosario La Spina
Liu Hyeseoung Kwon
Timur  Jud Arthur
A Mandarin Shane Lowrencev
Ping Andrew Moran
Pong David Corcoran
Pang Graeme Macfarlane
Emperor of China Benjamin Rasheed
Orchestra Victoria
Opera Australia Chorus