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Opera requires the skills and expertise of a vast number of artists and craftsmen, even before it gets to the stage. With its combination of music, drama and singing it is an all-encompassing experience which lives long after you've left the theatre. We are committed to creating the best opera that we can, and making it as accessible as possible.

Ticket sales alone cannot cover the cost of producing the best opera. It takes the additional help of opera lovers like you through gifts small and large.

When you donate to us — whether it be joining our Patron Program, making an annual donation, a major gift, or leaving a gift in your will — you will play a role in supporting extraordinary performances, artistic excellence and making opera available through regional, schools and community programs now and for generations to come.

Thank you for helping us sustain this extraordinary art form.

“For me, opera is the ultimate and most sublime art form. It combines extraordinary music with powerful dramatic intensity, transporting us through the power of the human voice to another world.”

Lyndon Terracini, Artistic Director, Opera Australia

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