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Board of Directors

David Mortimer AO Chairman
Philip Bacon AM
Brian Benjamin
Jonathan Feder
Jane Hansen AO
Alison Pert
Deena Shiff
Andrew Sisson AO
Josephine Sukkar AM

Chief Executive Officer Rory Jeffes
Artistic Director
Lyndon Terracini AM

Executive Support

Executive Assistant Angeline Long
Government Relations and Grants Advisor Leonie Hellmers

Artistic Unit

Senior Manager, Artistic Joanne Goodman
Concertmaster and Orchestra Director Jun Yi Ma
Chorus Master Paul Fitzsimon
Assistant Chorus Master Michael Curtin
Head of Music Tahu Matheson
Music Staff Siro Battaglin,Simon Bruckard, Brian Castles-Onion, John Haddock, Kate Johnson, Jonathan Wilson
Language Staff Nicole Dorigo
Orchestra Lead Emma In der Maur
Chorus and Music Staff Lead Isabella Sampson
Music Library Lead Peter Alexander
Music Library Administrator Jennifer Fung
Assistant Music Editor Noel Grove

Productions Unit

Executive Producer Louisa Robertson
Planning Advisor Ian McCahon
Senior Producers Pella Gregory, Penelope Hills, Ruth Thomas
Associate Producers Arnold Klugkist, Jennifer Bartlett, Katie Flood, Phoebe Lane, Amy Morcom
Productions Support Lead Suzanne Tunchon
Productions Administrator Lucy Tesoriero, Ellen Lancuba, Rebecca Moret

Technical Unit

Technical Director Clif Bothwell
Wigs and Wardrobe Manager Rebecca Ritchie
Head of Performing Wigs and Wardrobe Andrew Keshan
Wardrobe Senior Technical Supervisor Thorsten Ohst
Senior Ladies Cutter Beryl Waldron
Deputy Supervisor Wardrobe Erika Schwarz, Samuel St Aubyn
Wardrobe Production Coordinator Bronwyn Jones, Cassandra Pascoli
Wardrobe Buyer Miranda Brock
Wardrobe Technical Supervisor (Stores) Bonnie-Louise Harris
Wardrobe Technician Julie-Anne Beach, Angeline Cheah, Sonja Forza, Kate Herrett
Wardrobe Assistant Stephanie Coe
Acting Head of Wigs Carla D'Annunzio
Wigs Technician Cheryl Ball, Lynn Coubrough
Technician (Milliner) Rebecca Read
Manufacturing Administrator Zoe Zhiying Li
Stage Operations Coordinator Rhonda Jones
Senior Manager, Production and Delivery Mitchell Dunn
Production Manager James Wheeler, Michael Rogerson, Samuel Thomas, Pablo Puig, Ryan Paine
Production Coordinator Courtney Snell
Head of Lighting Jason Morphett
Workshop Manager Tim Madden
Senior Technical Draughtsperson David Spark
Technical Draughtsperson Nina McDonald
Senior Supervisor Metal Work Adam Christie
Deputy Supervisor Metal Work Arend Beekhoven, Benjamin Ramos Freifeld
Facilities Manager Neal Hughes
Tradesman Mathew Hughes
Stores Supervisor William Dunshea
Supervisor, Melbourne Stores Gilles Gundermann
Driver, Storeperson Andrew Storey
Head of Props Manufacturing Simon Craw
Props Supervisor Stephen Adamson
Props Buyer Jay Martin
Props Maker Sergio Hernandez
Deputy Supervisor Props Manufacturing Roswitha Adldinger, Carlos Johnson, Jo-Anne Parkin
Stage Manager Eugenia Farrell, Benjamin Lynch
Deputy Stage Manager Garry Alcorn, Phillip Serjeant
Senior Supervisor Carpentry Charles Chen
Deputy Supervisor Carpentry Robert Dai, Mitchell Ramsey, Michael Vogt
Senior Supervisor Sound and AV Alison Bremner
Supervisor Mechanist Samuel Kilpatrick
Advanced Mechanist Whetu Haddon
Head Mechanist Jeremy McComish
Deputy Head Mechanist Rob Bristow, John Mackay
Senior Supervisor Scenic Art Emelia Simcox
Deputy Supervisor Scenic Art Meg Roberts
Facilities Aleksandar Milinkovic


Chief Operating Officer John Horn
Group Financial Controller Michael Johnson
Finance Business Partner Liam Gretgrix, Bobby Phang
Finance Manager Annette Wong
Finance and Systems Administrator Pauline Fitzsimons
Senior Financial Accountant Ann Wang, Treska Janecek
Assistant Accountant Ethel Wong
IT Manager Rasim Ustun
Payroll Manager Anthony Gale
Senior Payroll Officer Elisa Alecci
Payroll Officer Carla Nahlous

Marketing & Communications

Acting Marketing & Communications Director John Quertermous
Ticketing and Tessitura Manager Byron McDonald
Communications Manager Janet Glover
Direct Marketing Manager Phillip Booth
Digital Marketing Specialist Ben Neutze
Publicist Kate Warnock
Public Relations Assistant Maddison McCauley
Tourism Administrator Andrew Guy
Video Producer Joshua Dang
Writer Jennifer Williams
Customer Service Administrator Andrew Castle
Ticketing Operations Administrator Christine Robb, Jennifer Horler, Stephen Haimes
Ticketing Administrator Emma Kersey
Customer Service Assistant Brad Langby, Rebecca Lahanas


Development Director Laura Dee
Major Gifts Specialist Amelia Jones
Annual Giving Manager Jake Shavikin
Philanthropy Specialist Clare Kelly
Annual Giving Administrator Chelsie Jones
Trust and Foundations Specialist Retha Howard
Stewardship Lead Olivia Mesley
Corporate Partnerships Officers Christina Blanco, Linh Tran

Human Resources

Human Resources Director Jessica Platts
Human Resources Coordinators Bill Koukoumas, Justin Saba

Governance & Risk

Governance & Risk Director Tammy Cootes
Senior WHS Advisor Eva Sarah

Opera Australia Capital Fund

General Manager Neroli Hobbins OAM
Manager Meredith O'Rourke
Administrator Jennifer Meek