Capital Fund

Capital Fund

The establishment of the Opera Australia Capital Fund in 2000 represented a watershed in the life of Opera Australia.  
It has given our national opera company a secure financial base for the first time in its history. Now in its thirteenth year, the Capital Fund is a tribute to Opera Australia’s many supporters whose collective generosity has built a legacy that will be appreciated by opera artists and audiences in the future.
Each year the Opera Australia Capital Fund makes an annual distribution to Opera Australia. In 2013 this distribution was $400,000.
It is the aim of the Capital Fund to build its reserves so that it will be able to increase this annual grant and in doing so help Opera Australia to realise its vision of financial stability in the years ahead.  
The principal objectives of the Fund are to:
  • Raise and invest a capital fund;
  • Make annual grants to Opera Australia;
  • Make special purpose grants in exceptional circumstances.
You can support the Capital Fund:
  • With a donation either named or anonymous;
  • With a pledge of scheduled payments over a number of years;
  • With a gift of stocks, bonds, real estate or other assets;
  • With a gift in memory or honour of another person.
We invite you to make a donation to the Opera Australia Capital Fund. In doing so, you will be ensuring that Opera Australia continues with its tradition of artistic excellence. Only with your support can we fulfil our future goals.
Tax Deductibility
All donations to the Opera Australia Capital Fund are tax deductible. Donors who make a donation of at least $1,000 are acknowledged in all Opera Australia performance programs and in its Annual Report.
Council of Governors
The Council of Governors comprises: 
  • Directors of the Opera Australia Capital Fund; 
  • Donor Members who have contributed at least $250,000 or pledged a bequest of at least $500,000; and 
  • Special Members who actively fundraise on behalf of the Fund. 
Members meet at an annual dinner during which the Chief Executive of Opera Australia and the Chairman of the Capital Fund give a briefing on the state of the Company and report on the progress of the Fund. In addition, Members of the Council are invited to fundraising events including private recitals, receptions and Capital Fund activities throughout the year. 
For more information or to discuss your donation, please contact:  
Neroli Hobbins
General Manager, Opera Australia Capital Fund
02 9318 8386
Sally Percival
Melbourne Manager, Opera Australia Capital Fund
03 9685 3761