The Magic Flute


The Magic Flute

Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House January 2 – 30, 2015
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Fri 2.1.15
7:30 PM
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Sat 3.1.15
1:00 PM
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Wed 7.1.15
6:30 PM
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Fri 9.1.15
7:30 PM
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Sat 10.1.15
1:00 PM
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Thu 15.1.15
11:00 AM
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This relaxed performance is a family-friendly and accessible event and is suitable for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Sat 17.1.15
1:00 PM
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Fri 23.1.15
6:30 PM
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Sat 24.1.15
7:30 PM
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Wed 28.1.15
6:30 PM
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Fri 30.1.15
7:30 PM
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If you go down to the woods today, you might find a pure-hearted prince and his feathered sidekick en route to rescue a damsel in distress, a queen atop her starry throne; mysterious temples, dancing bears and a levitating picnic. If in danger, just follow the sound of the flute.

In today’s technology-soaked world, it’s rare that anything off-screen entrances a child for more than a few minutes.

But look around at a performance of Julie Taymor’s production of The Magic Flute, and you’ll see children captivated.

Utterly still, utterly silent (this is, when they’re not chortling with laughter or gasping with surprise).

That’s because The Magic Flute is like nothing they’ve ever seen before. The stage is alive with colour and movement, the music is enchanting, the movement is magical.

From Monostatos’ grotesque nose to the Queen of the Night’s shimmering wings, everyone and everything that appears on stage is larger than life.

As in a Pixar film, this production brilliantly balances visual stimulation with amusing dialogue in a charming English translation. The result is a pantomime of brilliant colour, set to Mozart’s timeless music. Don’t miss the incomparable Emma Matthews in her role as the Queen of the Night.

Perhaps all you need to fire a child’s imagination is a little old-fashioned theatrical magic.


Princes and magic and bears, oh my!

Puppet-Making Workshops

Add a Puppet-Making Workshop to your tickets toThe Magic Flute. In these school holiday workshops, children will explore puppetry techniques used to create this visually stunning production of The Magic Flute.

Relaxed Performance: Thursday 15 January at 11am

Parents, if you would like to bring your child to the opera but don't quite trust them to sit still and silent for a couple of hours, then a relaxed performance is for your family! We welcome you to talk and share your excitement during the performance and you will be able to go in and out of the auditorium as you need to.


Conductor Anthony Legge
Director Matthew Barclay
Originally directed by Julie Taymor
Set Designer George Tsypin
Costume Designer Julie Taymor
Puppetry Designers Julie Taymor 
Michael Curry
Lighting Designer Gary Marder
Original lighting design Donald Holder
Choreographer Matthew Barclay
Original choreography Mark Dendy
Translation by JD McClatchy
Pamina Taryn Fiebig**
Jane Ede

John Longmuir**
Jonathan Abernethy

Papageno Samuel Dundas**
Luke Gabbedy
Queen of the Night Emma Matthews**
Hannah Dahlenburg
Sarastro Daniel Sumegi*
Richard Anderson
1st Lady Jane Ede**
Leah Thomas
2nd Lady Sian Pendry
3rd Lady Dominica Matthews
Papagena Katherine Wiles
Monostatos Kanen Breen
Speaker Richard Anderson*
Adrian Tamburini
1st Priest Malcolm Ede
2nd Priest Benjamin Rasheed
1st Armoured Man Dean Bassett
2nd Armoured Man Adrian Tamburini*
Clifford Plumpton

Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra

Opera Australia Chorus

* all performances except January 3, 10, 15, 17.
** all performances except January 3, 10, 23.

The Magic Flute is suitable for children aged 8+. 

Performed by arrangment with The Metropolitan Opera, publisher and sole copyright holder.

Running time: approximately 2 hours, including one 20-minute interval.

Performed in English with surtitles.

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