Nicole Car and Taryn Fiebig in The Marriage of Figaro

Opera Australia Capital Fund

Help secure the future of Opera Australia for generations to come. Consider making a donation or leaving a gift in your will to the Opera Australia Capital Fund.

Our supporters
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The Opera Australia Capital Fund was established in the year 2000 to build reserves for Opera Australia.

Until then, Opera Australia, unlike many of the major companies of the world, did not have the security of an endowment fund to call on when times became hard. This left the company exposed and overly vulnerable to the vagaries of cash flow, despite the quality of its product.

Lise Lindstrom and Walter Fraccaro in Turandot

Lise Lindstrom and Walter Fraccaro in our 2019 production of Turandot at Arts Centre Melbourne. Photo: Jeff Busby

Today, the custodians of the Opera Australia Capital Fund remain committed to the principal objectives on which it was founded:

  • Raise and invest a capital fund;
  • Make annual grants to Opera Australia;
  • Make special purpose grants in exceptional circumstances

Donations and bequests to the Opera Australia Capital Fund are immediately invested to build a capital reserve which remains protected while the income generated is directed to Opera Australia as annual grants.

These grants ($1,000,000 in 2020) assist the Company to maintain its high artistic standards, expand its community outreach programs and pursue its mission of presenting opera that excites audiences and sustains and develops the art form.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, many with longstanding loyalty, the Opera Australia Capital Fund is now providing certainty and optimism about Opera Australia’s future. We invite you to join us as we continue to build a legacy that will be appreciated by opera artists and audiences well into the future.


The Opera Australia Capital Fund is a separate entity to Opera Australia with its own Board of Directors. The Directors donate their time and expertise to ensure that the management of the Fund remains aligned with its original charter.

Philip Bacon AM (Chairman)
David Armstrong
Ashley Dawson-Damer AM
Rory Jeffes
The Hon Justice François Kunc
David Mortimer AO
Roslyn Packer AC
Tania Seary

Two people discussing in the opera Whiteley

Bradley Cooper and Leigh Melrose in our 2019 production of Whiteley at the Sydney Opera House. Photo: Prudence Upton

Our supporters

Council of Governors

The Council of Governors comprises the Opera Australia Capital Fund’s Board of Directors plus individuals who have either contributed a significant donation or pledged a specific bequest to the Opera Australia Capital Fund.

Members meet at an annual dinner during which the Chief Executive Officer of Opera Australia and the Chairman of the Capital Fund give a briefing on the state of the Company and report on the progress of the Fund. Members of the Council are also invited to fundraising events throughout the year including private recitals, receptions and other bespoke activities.

There are two levels of patronage:

Leadership Circle

Philip Bacon AM*
Jane Clarke and David Newby
Martin Dickson AM and Susie Dickson
Michael and Helen Gannon
Dr Haruhisa Handa
Shaun and Suzanne Kenny
Phil and Helen Meddings
Rupert Myer AO and Annabel Myer
Roslyn Packer AC**
Hamish Parker
Kenneth Reed AM and Leonard Groat

*Chairman, Opera Australia Capital Fund
**Director, Opera Australia Capital Fund

Benefactor circle

David Armstrong*
Michael and Mim Bartlett
Jane Brodribb
Jennifer Brukner
Kay Bryan
Anthony and Bronny Carroll
Andrew and Jane Clifford
Ken Coles AM
Rowena Danziger AM
Ashley Dawson-Damer AM*
Gretchen Dechert
Mark Dimmitt
Rory Jeffes*
Iphy Kallinikos
Judith Kinnear

Wayne Kratzmann
The Hon Justice François Kunc*
Chris Lynch and Tania Seary*
Nicholas and Helen Moore
David Mortimer AO*
Roger Muller
Gary Payne
John Reid AO
Gary Singer and Geoffrey Smith
Jill Thorpe
Michael Traill AM and Jenny Gage Traill
Barbara van Ernst AM
Ray Wilson OAM
Roy and Gay Woodward

*Denotes Opera Australia Capital Fund Directors, some of whom are also donors



Other valued supporters

In addition to the support from our Council of Governors, the corpus of the Opera Australia Capital Fund continues to grow through the generosity of many other individuals, including these donors who have contributed at least $1,000.


Anonymous (22)
Russell and Lucinda Aboud
Antoinette Albert
Robert Albert AO RFD RD and Elizabeth Albert
Betty Amsden AO
Megan and David Armstrong
Philip Bacon AM
(Mrs) Carole Bailey
Jim and Janette Bain
Ballandry (Peter Griffin Family) Fund
Mim and Michael Bartlett
Alasdair Beck
Lewis and Sally Bell
Berg Family Foundation
Alan and Christine Bishop
Allan and Jane Blaikie
Stephen Blamey
Jan Bowen
Alix Bradfield
Dr and Mrs P Breidahl
In memory of Lennox Brewer
Dr Roderick Brooks
Dr Catherine Brown-Watt PSM
Jennifer Brukner
Kay Bryan
Carolyn Cameron
Anthony and Bronny Carroll
Louise Christie
Mr David Clarke AO and Mrs Jane Clarke
Tony and Hellen Clarke
Andrew and Jane Clifford
Adrian Collette AM and Victoria Watson
Andrew Connolly
Mr Bruce Corlett AM and Mrs Ann Corlett
Alan and Elisabeth Cornell
Robin and Judy Crawford
Michael Crouch AC and Shanny Crouch
Crowe Horwath
Cruise Brokers Australia Pty Ltd
Mr Charles P Curran AC and Mrs Eva Curran
Win Danby
Elizabeth Dangar
Mrs Rowena Danziger AM and Mr K G Coles AM
Mrs David Darling
John Dauth AO LVO
Sir Mick and Lady Barbara Davis
The Hon Mrs John Dawson-Damer AM
Mrs R Dechert
Matthew Delasey
Suvan and Shamistha de Soysa
Ian Dickson and Reg Holloway
Martin Dickson AM and Susie Dickson
Francis Douglas
Mrs Gordon Douglass AM and the late Mr Gordon Douglass
Dr William Downey
Marie Dreux
Jane and David Duncan
Suellen and Ron Enestrom
James Fairfax AO
The late Lady (Mary) Fairfax AC OBE
Pip and Gordon Fell
Jenny Ferguson
The Hon W K and Mrs M Fisher
Mr Bill Fleming
Chris and Judy Fullerton
Michael and Helen Gannon
Mrs Peter Geddes
Donald and Rosita Gibson
The Goodman Family
Alexander Gosling AM and Wirat Sukprem
Ian and Ruth Gough
Grant Family Charitable Trust
Robert and Beatrice Gray
Peter Griffin AM
John and Jo Grigg
Leonard Groat
Deirdre Hall and David Greatorex AO
Mr and Mrs Ian Harper
Dr John Harvey AO and Mrs Yvonne Harvey
In memory of the late Philip Hemstritch
Hans and Petra Henkell
Jennifer Hershon
Hershon Family
Neroli Hobbins OAM
Miss Jennifer Hole
Mrs Cynthia Jackson AM and the late Dr Edward Jackson AM
Major General Michael and Mrs Marlena Jeffery
Reg and Marie Jewell
Mrs Diana Jones AM DSJ and Mr David Jones AM OBE
H Kallinikos Pty Ltd

Noelene Keen-Ward and David Whitfield
The Hon Ros Kelly AO and Dr David Morgan AO
Shaun and Suzanne Kenny
Dr Judith Kinnear
Aron and Helen Kleinlehrer
Kloeden Foundation
The Hon Justice François Kunc and Felicity Rourke
John Lamble AO
Dr Joan M Lawrence AM
Liangrove Foundation Pty Ltd
Paul and Joanne Lindwall
Juliet Lockhart
Drs Kathryn Lovric and Roger Allan
Chris Lynch and Tania Seary
Mr Kevin McCann
Tim McFarlane AM and Caroline McFarlane
Peter and Pamela McKee
Judy Mackinnon
Dr Penelope McNulty
Macquarie Group Foundation
David Malouf AO
Maple-Brown Family Foundation
Susan Maple-Brown AM
Peter and Kate Mason
Phil and Helen Meddings
Don and Angela Mercer
Nicholas and Helen Moore
Robert Morgan
David Mortimer AO and Barbara Mortimer
The Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
Charitable Distribution Account
Rupert Myer AO and Annabel Myer
Dr and Mrs Ken Neale
Mark and Louise Nelson
David Newby
Jim and Shirley Nield
Liz Nield
Michael and Helen Nugent
Justin and Sally O’Day
Conrad and Alice Oppen
Meredith O’Rourke
Richard Owens OAM
Roslyn Packer AC
Pages Event Equipment
Hamish Parker
peckvonhartel architects
John and Moya Phillips
Valmai Pidgeon AM
Robin Potter OAM
Greeba Pritchard
Kenneth R Reed AM
Andrew Thyne Reid Charitable Trust
Thyne Reid Trust No 1
John B Reid AO and Lynn Rainbow Reid
Patricia H Reid Endowment Pty Ltd
Renaissance Tours
In memory of Lilian Renard
Michael Rennie
David and Gillian Ritchie
Juliana Schaeffer
In memory of Clare Scott-Mitchell
Eddie Scuderi
Penelope Seidler AM
Gary Singer and Geoffrey Smith
The Hon Warwick L Smith AM and Mrs Kathryn Joy Smith
Suzanne and Peter Steigrad
James and Jeanne-Claude Strong
John and Jo Strutt
Antony and Josephine Sukkar
Simon Swaney and Carolyn Kay
Dr Hugh and Mrs Elfie Taylor
Jill Thorpe
Robert Tobias OAM
Michael Traill AM and Jenny Gage Traill
Caroline Travers OAM
Kevin Troy
Michael Troy
Ann and Larry Turner
Professor Barbara van Ernst AM
Isaac and Susie Wakil
Maureen Wheeler AO
A D White
Raymond Wilkinson
Lyn Williams AM
C R Wilshire
Ray Wilson OAM and the late James Agapitos OAM
Jill Wran


Capital Fund event in London

Opera Australia Capital Fund event in London.

Make a donation

If you are passionate about ensuring the long term future of Opera Australia for the next generations, we invite you to make a donation to the Opera Australia Capital Fund or consider leaving a gift in your will.

Donations to the Opera Australia Capital Fund are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

Donors of at least $1,000 are acknowledged in Opera Australia’s performance programs and annual report, and on this website.

Make a donation to the Opera Australia Capital Fund now by downloading a donation form (pdf) which you can complete and return by post or e-mail. Alternatively, phone us if you prefer to advise your payment details by phone or wish to discuss your donation.

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General Manager, Opera Australia Capital Fund
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Meredith O’Rourke
Manager, Opera Australia Capital Fund
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