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Company Membership

Membership of Opera Australia entitles you to receive the Company’s Financial Report, to attend the Annual General Meeting and to vote on business on the agenda, including election of Directors of the Company.  The liability of members is limited.

Under the Articles of the Company, membership of Opera Australia is available to persons over the age of 18 years for an annual fee.

Membership is available on the following basis:

No additional fee is required if you are

  1. A subscriber, or a person for whom a subscription is made, to a series offered by the Company; or
  2. A member of the Patron Program; or
  3. A member of the Friends Program; or
  4. A donor who makes an annual gift to Opera Australia fundraising programs or the Opera Australia Capital Fund of a minimum amount of $2,000.

The full annual fee is required for all other applicants.

If you have completed a Company Membership form in previous years and have continued to be a subscriber or member of the Patron or Friends Programs or an individual donor (at a level at least equal to the minimum required), you are still a Company Member and are not required to complete a new form.

If you are not currently a member of Opera Australia, and would like to become one, please complete and sign the form below and return it to Opera Australia.

For further information about Company Membership of Opera Australia, please call (02) 9318 8321 or email

Download company membership application form