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Our Donors

We are sincerely grateful to our many donors who support our work through major gifts, the Patron Program, production syndicates, education, outreach and access programs – thank you.

Dr Haruhisa Handa, Patron-in-Chief


Leadership donors – $100,000+ 

Philip Bacon AM
Hans and Petra Henkell
Dr Lydia and Dr Irvine Hunter
In memory of Elizabeth Maher
Metal Manufactures Limited
Pratt Foundation
Renaissance Tours
Andrew Sisson AO and Tracey Sisson
The Susan & Isaac Wakil Foundation

Artistic director's circle

Rachel Verghis and Sigurdur Arngrimsson
David Mortimer AO and Barbara Mortimer
Maureen Wheeler AO
Anonymous (1)

Principal donors – $50,000+

Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky and Matthias Schlesewsky
Mrs Rowena Danziger AM and Mr Ken Coles AM
Martin Dickson AM and Susie Dickson
David Li AM and Angela Li
Catriona Mordant AM and Simon Mordant AO
Peter Reilly & Linton Soderholm
Mr Geoffrey White OAM and Mrs Sally White OAM
Anonymous (1)

Ambassador donors – $20,000+

Antoinette Albert      
Robert Albert AO RFD RD and Elizabeth Albert     
Esther and Brian Benjamin     
Rosemary Block
Kay Bryan
Richard Campbell 
Juliana and Robert Clemesha
Ms Christine Davis
Katie and Vic French
Mr John Frost AM
Jane Hansen AO
Tom Hayward and Fiona Martin-Weber
Peter and Jenny Hordern
Ingrid Kaiser 
Iphygenia Kallinikos and in memory of Despina Kallinikos
Suzanne Kirkham
John Lamble Foundation
The late Hon Jane Mathews AO
Lisa McKern

Helen and Phil Meddings
MIA Contract Lawyers
Tom and Ruth O’Dea
Drs Keith & Eileen Ong
Hamish Parker
Dr Alison Pert and Rod Sims
David and Gillian Ritchie
Geoffrey Robertson AO
Graeme Robertson
Tim Robertson
Carol Sisson 
The Richard Wagner Society (Victoria)
John Story AO and Georgina Story
Leslie C Thiess
Judge Robyn Tupman
Professor Emeritus Barbara van Ernst AM
Ms Gabby Walters
Christine Yip and Paul Brady
Anonymous (5)


ARtist Donors – $15,000+

Martin and Ursula Armstrong
Ballandry (Peter Griffin Family) Fund
John Barrer
Tom and Eva Begg
J. Brownell
John and Jennifer Brukner Foundation
Ian Dickson and Reg Holloway
Jane Hemstritch
Professor Andrew J A Holland
Rex Irwin, Esq.
Mr Aron Kleinlehrer OAM 
Marianne and Warren Lesnie
Mrs Juliet Lockhart
Judith McKernan
Suvan and Shamistha de Soysa

Nick and Caroline Minogue
Colin and Rosalyn Nicholson
Mrs Roslyn Packer AC
Mr Robert Peck AM and Ms Yvonne von Hartel AM
Kenneth R Reed AM     
The Wagner Society in NSW
The Wagner Society in Queensland
Mark Walker
I S and H Wilkey
Cameron Williams
Ray Wilson OAM in memory of James Agapitos OAM
Roy and Gay Woodward
Ermes De Zan
Anonymous (5) 



Natalie Aroyan is supported by Roy and Gay Woodward
Donna Balson is supported by Suvan and Shamistha de Soysa
Tanja Binggeli is supported by Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky and Matthias Schlesewsky
Nicole Car is supported by Jane Hemstritch
Jacqueline Dark is supported by Juliana and Robert Clemesha
Anna Dowsley is supported by Martin Dickson AM and Susie Dickson
Etienne Dupuis is supported by Martin Dickson AM and Susie Dickson
Warwick Fyfe is supported by Lisa Mckern
Julie Lea Goodwin is supported by Marianne and Warren Lesnie
Nicholas Jones is supported by Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky and Matthias Schlesewsky
Eleanor Lyons is supported by Nicole Berger
Jun Yi Ma is supported by John Frost AM
Dominica Mathews is supported by Professor Emeritus Barbara van Ernst AM
David Butt Phillip is supported by Hans and Petra Henkell
Shanul Sharma is supported by Dr Alison Pert and Rod Sims
Sian Sharp is supported by Mrs Rowena Danziger AM and Mr Ken Coles AM
Diego Torre is supported by Christine Yip and Paul Brady
Kang Wang is supported by Kay Bryan



Wagner 2021 Syndicate

We sincerely thank our Wagner 2021 donors for supporting these new productions and participating directly in the work of Opera Australia.

Wagner 2021 Leadership Donors

Philip Bacon AM
Hans and Petra Henkell
Andrew Sisson AO and Tracey Sisson

Peter Reilly & Linton Soderholm
Maureen Wheeler AO


Wagner 2021 Artist Donors
The Ring 
Stefan Vinke is supported by Hans and Petra Henkell
Allison Oakes is supported by Maureen Wheeler AO
Vitalij Kowaljow is supported by Andrew Sisson AO and Tracey Sisson
Rosario La Spina is supported by Philip Bacon AM
Tahu Matheson is supported by Leslie Thiess
Daniel Sumegi is supported by MIA Contract Lawyers
Anna-Louise Cole is supported by Rosemary Block
Elena Gabouri is supported by Mrs Rowena Danziger AM and Mr Ken Coles AM
Eva Kong is supported by John and Georgina Story
Olivia Cranwell is supported by Suzanne Kirkham
Mariana Hong is supported by Helen and Phil Meddings
Jane Ede is supported by Tom and Ruth O’Dea
Stacey Alleaume is supported by Katie and Vic French
Tanja Binggeli is supported by Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky and Matthias Schlesewsky

Hamish Parker
David Butt Phillip is supported by Hans and Petra Henkell


Wagner 2021 Artisan Donors
The Ring
Martin and Ursula Armstrong
John Barrer
J. Brownell
Kay Bryan
Professor Andrew J A Holland 
Jenny and Peter Hordern
Iphygenia & the late Despina Kallinikos
John Lamble Foundation
Mrs Roslyn Packer AC
Dr Alison Pert and Rod Sims
David and Gillian Ritchie
Judge Robyn Tupman
The Wagner Society in NSW
The Wagner Society in Queensland
Mark Walker
I.S. and H Wilkey
Ray Wilson OAM in memory of James Agapitos OAM
Ermes De Zan
Anonymous (3)


Ballandry (Peter Griffin Family) Fund
Lisa McKern
Robert Peck AM and Yvonne von Hartel AM











We also thank the following donors who have contributed to the Wagner 2021 Syndicate
Leith Cooper and David Bruce-Steer 
Anna-Lisa Klettenberg
Dr Joan M. Lawrence AM
Stephanie Lee
C Lewis
Jennifer K. Marshall
Peter Mason AM and Kate Mason 
The late Hon Jane Mathews AO
Desmond B. Misso Esq.

Timothy and Eva Pascoe 
Garry Richards
Murray Sandland 
Lynne Sherwood
Professor Emeritus Barbara Van Ernst AM
The Richard Wagner Society (Victoria)
Diana and the late Bill Warnock
Jill Wran
Anonymous (5)


La Juive syndicate

We sincerely thank our La Juive Syndicate donors for supporting this new production and participating directly in the work of Opera Australia.

Principal Patron - Philip Bacon AM
Rachel Verghis and Sigurdur Arngrimsson
Christine Yip and Paul Brady
Christine Bishop
Rosemary Block
Audrey Blunden
Embassy of France in Australia
Tom Hayward and Fiona Martin-Weber
Iphygenia Kallinikos and in memory of Despina Kallinikos
Dr Robert Mitchell
Colin and Rosalyn Nicholson
Penelope Seidler AM
Victoria Taylor



The Patron Program

Maestro Patrons – $10,000+ 

Louise Christie
The Denton Family Trust
The Hon Justice F Kunc and Ms F Rourke
Peter Mason AM and Kate Mason
Nelson Meers Foundation
Gretel Packer AM
Lady Potter AC CMRI
Deena Shiff & James Gillespie
John and Diana Smythe Foundation
The Stirling Family
Mr Kevin Troy
Anonymous (2)

Governor Patrons – $7,500+

Nance Atkinson Trust             
Peter Bartholomew and Donna Pelka
Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO
The Hon Bronwyn Bishop
Ian and Jillian Buchanan
Leith Cooper and David Bruce-Steer
Tatiana Crockett
Mary Davidson and Frederick Davidson AM
Diane and Edward Federman
Mr Gerhard and Mrs Monica Flechsig
Chris and Judy Fullerton
Margaret Gibbs
Pat and Frank Harvey      
Peter and Melissa Hebbard
Mrs Cynthia Jackson AM and the late Dr Edward Jackson AM
Dr Judith Kinnear
Kloeden Foundation
Ms Eugenia Langley JP

Rosie Lew AM and Family
Paul Lindwall and Joanne Frederiksen
Suzanne and Anthony Maple-Brown
Robyn Martin-Weber 
Peter and Pamela McKee
Dr Bryan and Mrs Debora Mendelson
Dr Robert Mitchell    
Timothy and Eva Pascoe
Fiona and Miles Prince
Mark Sampson and in memory of Ruth Sampson
Penelope Seidler AM
Professor Gillian Shenfield AM
James and Alice Spigelman
Victoria Taylor
Michael Troy
David Valentine
Lyn Williams AM
Anonymous (1) 


Benefactor Patrons – $4,000+

Jeannette Abrahams
David and Elizabeth Adams
Richard and Colin Adams
Lesley Alway and Paul Hewison
Janette and Jim Bain AM
David and Judith Beal
Margaret and James Beattie
Nicole Berger
Mrs Christine Bishop
Audrey Blunden
Mr Tom Breen
Jannie Brown
Dr Andrew Buchanan
Pam Caldwell
Roxane Clayton
Caroline and Robert Clemente
John C Conde AO
Maxwell J Connery OAM and Joan R Connery OAM 
Dr Peter Craswell 
Jennifer Crivelli
Michael Crouch AC and Shanny Crouch
Mrs Joan Darling
Mrs Catherine Davies
Bronwyn Devine
John and Ros Dowling 
Sandy and Phil Dudgeon
Suellen and Ron Enestrom
David Epstein and Nell Bennett
Dr Helen Ferguson
Alexander Gosling and Wirat Sukprem
The Greatorex Foundation
Leonard Groat
Wendy and Andrew Hamlin
Nereda Hanlon and Michael Hanlon AM
Mr Alistair Hay and Dr Jennifer Miller
Darryl and Katherine Hodgkinson
In memory of Beryl Hooley

Andrew and Renata Kaldor Family Foundation
Ervin and Judith Katz
Anna-Lisa Klettenberg
David Levitan
Tony and Helen Lewis
Peter Lowry OAM and Carolyn Lowry OAM
Helen and Michael Markiewicz 
The Alexandra and Lloyd Martin Family Foundation
Dr Mark and Dr Alla Medownick
Mrs Margot Melzak OAM
Thomas Timothy Murphy
Ms Miki Oikawa
G Pearson
Susan Perrin-Kirby 
Ms Jo Phillips
Greeba Pritchard
Dr Mark Renehan
Garry Richards
Bruce Rosenberg
Jacqueline Rowlands
Mr John Sheahan QC
Gary Singer and Geoffrey Smith 
Dr Michael Slaytor
Libby Smith
Margot Smith
Mr Sam Smorgon AO and Mrs Minnie Smorgon
Tony Stolarek
John and Jo Strutt
Peter and Leonie Szabo
Mrs Alma Toohey
The Richard Wagner Society (Victoria)
Claire and Elizabeth Weis Fund
Sue and Bill Wood
Jill Wran
Carla Zampatti Foundation
Anonymous (1)


Patrons – $2,000+

Rae and David Allen
Noel and Sylvia Alpins
The Hon Richard Alston
Dr Ben Anderson
Sidney and Lynn Anderson
Rosalind Baker
Jenny Barnes
Ross and Ann Barnetson
Tony Barnett
Dedicated to John Stuart Beaton
Laurie Bebbington and Elizabeth O’Keeffe
Alasdair Beck and Dr William Brooks
Dr Jane Beeby
Dr Simon Bell and Dr Jennifer Coghlan-Bell
Gita Bellin
Tom Best
Minnie Biggs
Ellen Borda
Mrs Jan Bowen AM
Mrs Roslynne Bracher AM
Barbara Brady 
Ms Jane Brodribb 
Dr Roderick Brooks
Professor David Bryant
Richard Burbidge QC and Taru Burbidge
Diana Burleigh
Ita Buttrose AC OBE
Prof Anthony Buzzard AM and Dr Pamela Craig
Dr Andrew Byrne and Mr Allan Gill
Hugh and Hilary Cairns
Elise Callander
Ian Cameron
Michel-Henri Carriol and Julie Carriol OAM
Emily Chang
Jan and Andrew Cheetham
Dr Janice Cheng
Greg and Terry Chesher
Mrs Margot Chinneck 
Ms Linda Chung
David Churches and Helen Rose
Pauline Cleary
P F and M J Crane
M and M Cranitch
Dr Peter Craswell
Malcolm and Heather Crompton
Mr Charles P Curran AC and Mrs Eva Curran
Mrs Mary Curtis
Marie Dalziel
Ernest Dawes OBE OAM and Nola Dawes
Sir Roderick and Lady Gillian Deane
Mr Michael Diamond AM MBE
Jennifer and Robert Dickerson AO
Sue and Jim Dominguez CBE AM
Mrs Rose Downer
Dr William Downey
Michael Drapac
Dana Dupere
Mr C W Dyer
Charles Edmonds and Bernadette Slater
Professor Jenny Edwards
Melody and Jonathan Feder
Vivienne Fried
Helen Frost and Malcolm Frost
Sabina and David Full
Robert Furley and Leon Nicholas
Tonia and Eric Gale
Anne and Justin Gardener
Fleur Gibbs
Hon. Geoff Giudice AO and Mrs Beth Giudice 
Mr Timothy Glanville 
George Golvan QC and Naomi Golvan
George and Kay Gordon
Beatrice Gray
Catherine Gray
Alan and Marion Grundy
James and Sarah Guest 
Jean Hadges
Louis Hamon OAM
Dr Laurence Harewood
Drs Glenda Hartley and Peter Prichard
Judy Hastings
Alan Hauserman and Janet Nash
Peter and Barbara Hennings
Jennifer Hershon

Roger E. Hewitt
D S Heywood and L B Baumgart
Dr and Mrs R F Hicks
Nora Hinchen and John Flint OAM
John David Hobbs
Dr Rosita Holenbergh-Gibson
In memory of Peter Hrebeniuk
Michael and Penny Hunter
Dr Victor Hurley
Dr Alastair Jackson AM
John  Jessup
Dr Michael Joel AM and Mrs Anna Joel
Anne and Bruce Judd AM
John Kaldor AM and Naomi Milgrom Kaldor
Mrs Mathilde Kearny-Kibble
Dr S M Kelly
Mr Robert Kenrick
James and Diana Kimpton
In memory of Dr Suzanne Korbel
Dr Barry Landa
Beatrice Lang
Peter Lazar AM
Catherine and Yick Him Lee
Stephanie Lee
Alex and Halina Lewenberg
Richard and Elizabeth Longes
Mr Howard Lowe
Geoffrey Magney
Jennifer K Marshall
Graham Matheson
Susan McCarthy
Avril and Peter McGrath
George and Patricia McGregor
Mrs A McNamara
The Monarch Investments Group
Mr Adrian Morris and Dr Eileen Chanin
Mrs Isobel Morgan OAM
Ted and Brenda Mouritz
Professor Stephen Mulligan
Heidi Munzinger and John Shott
B P Murphy
Vicki Nicholson and Ian Hunt
Dr Paul Nisselle AM and Mrs Sue Nisselle
Patricia Novikoff
Professor G C O'Brien and Dr I E O'Brien
A/P Emeritus Robert and Mrs Joan Osborn
George Pappas AO and Jillian M Pappas
Mrs Patsy Patten
Dr Kevin Pedemont
Professor David Penington AC
Phillip and Jennifer Perry
D E Pidd
Mr Ian Plater
Mr Peter Charles Prior CLJ
Madelein Rares
Bruce and Ruth Rodell
Rowan and Susie Russell
Margaret Sammut
Murray Sandland
Mrs M Saunders
Aubrey G Schrader
Edward and Susan Schutz
Mrs H Showniruk
Michael and Melissa Slattery
Ross Steele AM
In memory of Beryl Stephens
Mr Nigel Stoke
Tony and Josephine Sukkar AM
Richard and Caroline Travers
Peter Tremewen
Suzanne and Ross Tzannes AM
Ullmer Family Charitable Endowment
John S Walton AM
The Shirley Ward Foundation
Louise and Suzanne Waterhouse
Derek Watt and Cathy Brown-Watt
Mr David Wayne
Dr Eric Wegman
Roslyn Weiley and Chris Harper
Hilary Whitehouse and Fiona Fleming
Ann and Brooks Wilson
Roy Woodhouse
Dr Kun-Gay Yap and Dr Kuldip Kaur
Anonymous (19)




We also thank our loyal supporters for their recent donations

Supporters – $500+

Florence L Adamson
The Aldridge Family Endowment
Mr Dennis Bluth
Cheryl Brennan
Maggie Brown
The Cheung Family
Crane Family at the APS Foundation
Dr Marie Dreux
Kay Fell
Frances Garrick
Mr Richard Gastineau-Hills
Gillian Gould
Mr Robert Green
Kathleen Hannay
Vicki Harpur
David Heames
Dorothy Hoddinott AO

Alun and Patricia Kenwood
Mr Ashley Lucas
Evelyn McRae
David and Barbara Millons
Dr Robert Pickles
Jonquil Ritter
The Shephard Family
Dr John Sime
Sparky Foundation
Ms Daniela Torsh
Laurel Tsang
Mrs Caroline Vaillant
Ms Meredith Verge
Roelof and Catherine Vogel
Kylie Winkworth
Damian Young
Anonymous (16)



List current as of 16 September 2020.



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