Rick Sharp

Make-up Designer

Rick Sharp started his career in 1965 with a three year apprenticeship at Universal Studios, under the direction and auspices of the legendary Bud Westmore. Mr. Sharp rapidly grew to be one of Hollywood’s leading make-up and facial design artists and has worked on hundreds of well-known American and European  television shows and feature films including (to name a few) Flashdance, Xanadu, Forest Gump, Born on the 4th of July, Top Gun, Rain Man, The Sting, Days of Thunder, Charlie Wilson’s War, Princess Diaries, Get Smart, and Date Night, and many of the Blake Edwards films (i.e, S.O.B., Blind Date,) where he initially began working with Julie Andrews in the 1978 film entitled Little Miss Marker (with Walter Matthau and Tony Curtis) which began a relationship that has spanned almost 40 years. Other notables and Hollywood legends that Mr. Sharp has worked with include Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Andy Garcia, Steve Carell, Diane Keaton, Olivia Newton-John, Kim Basinger and Sally Field among many other iconic actors. The directors who have brought Mr. Sharp’s talents on board include, Robert Wise, Garry Marshall, Mike Nichols, Sydney Lumet, Oliver Stone, Barry Levinson and Billy Wilder, just to name a few. All classic directors…all classic films. Mr. Sharp feels very blessed to be working his entire life doing something he so enjoys. He lives in Toluca Lake, California with his wife Nancy and has recently become a first time grandfather to Ryder Sharp.


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