Rummin Productions

Co-founded by creative producer Catherine Pettman in 2013, Rummin Productions is now an internationally award-winning Australian production company screening films for audiences around the world. With a commitment to producing dynamic, innovative and striking content, their films are characterised by a strong social conscience with narratives that explore the fragility and determination of the human experience. Rummin collaborate with exceptional talent to create visually compelling imagery and stories which resonate and motivate audiences across cultural and geographical landscapes.

The majestic images in Idomeneo are from the precious lands of lutruwita / Tasmania – the remote namanu rruni (Albatross island) in the north, all the way down to its towering cliffs and rolling seas that fortify its deep southern coast. Rummin pays its deepest respects to the traditional custodians of these magnificent lands and waterways, the palawa of lutruwita, acknowledging their traditional lands are unceded, and supporting their continued efforts to protect heritage, identity, land and continuing culture.

In Idomeneo, Rummin co-founder and principal cinematographer Matthew Newton captures the glorious endemic Shy Albatross in its devastatingly beautiful habitat in Bass Strait on namanu rruni (Albatross Island). Multi award-winning filmmaker Rebecca Thomson has recorded the magical forests and seascapes which together with Mark Thomson’s aerial photography completes the stunning visual landscape for the production.

Photo credit: Rebecca Thomson