Joshua Clarke

Joshua Clarke

Principal Trumpet

Joshua Clarke holds the position of Principal Trumpet and Section Leader in the Opera Australia Orchestra, having first joined the Orchestra in 2008. Starting his musical studies at the age of nine, Joshua, under the tutelage of Gordon Webb, Daniel Williams and Daniel Mendelow, went on to complete a Bachelor of Music and Graduate Diploma of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Australian National University.

Joshua Clarke plays on his signature instrument which he calls 'The Pit Bull', named for the bulldog engraved on the bell of the trumpet. Joshua particularly enjoys the works of Puccini, relishing the composer's melodies, the development of his ideas and the choice of instruments in his orchestrations.

Fun fact: A memorable moment from the pit - from a particular Maestro, " are still playing too loud". From the trumpet section, "um..Maestro...we weren't playing".