Tehya Jamieson

Tehya Jamieson


Tehya was born and raised in Broome WA, where she has grown up developing a passion for sport and music. 

She was raised in a family of local artists and has been encouraged to sing and play music from a very young age. A natural performer, she has enjoyed singing solo, in school choirs and bands as well as performing drama pieces. With her brother Taj, she formed a duo called Kin. In 2012 she shared the lead role in Staircase to The Moon, a musical production based in Broome.

Tehya moved to Perth for her final years of high school and to pursue a netball career, playing in the top level WANL competition in 2018. 

She has now returned home to Broome where she has once again taken up her passion for music. Tehya is thrilled and privileged to be a part of Bran Nue Dae as the 3rd generation and excited to perform with and for family and many others around the country.