Australia’s Favourite Opera

Every opera lover has their favourite. It might be a comedy that never fails to tickle your funnybone, a tragedy that rips at your heartstrings, or a piece with an aria so sublime it changed your life.

But which opera is Australia’s favourite? Throughout October, November and December 2020, we set out to find which opera from the western canon our audience loves best. Over three months, operas faced off against one another before we finally crowned Australia's Favourite Opera.

More than 6,000 votes were received over the voting period, but in the end Verdi's La Traviata inched ahead of Puccini's La Bohème by just four votes to win the title of Australia's Favourite Opera.

Watch La Traviata on Sydney Harbour on our free streaming service or buy tickets to see this spectacular production in Sydney this March and April.

La Traviata on Sydney Harbour (2012)

The tournament

The rounds

Shortlist round

From a list of more than 150 operas, you're invited to vote for your 10 favourites. The 32 operas which receive the highest votes will earn a place on our shortlist.
Voting opens: Monday 5 October, 9am
Voting closes: Friday 16 October, 5pm

Round one

Voting opens: Monday 19 October, 9am
Voting closes: Friday 30 October, 5pm

Round two

Voting opens: Monday 2 November, 9am
Voting closes: Friday 13 November, 5pm

Round three

Voting opens: Monday 16 November, 9am
Voting closes: Friday 27 November, 5pm


Voting opens: Monday 30 November, 9am
Voting closes: Friday 11 December, 5pm

Grand Final

Voting opens: Monday 14 December, 9am
Voting closes: Friday 25 December, 5pm

Winner announced

Monday 28 December