Audio Description and Tactile Tours


For those with vision impairments, Opera Australia, in association with Vision Australia, schedule Audio Described Performances and Tactile Tours.

Audio description is a verbal commentary relayed to audience members who are blind or have low vision. The description conveys what is happening on the stage during the parts of the performance where there is no dialogue. The description does not interfere with the performance but fills in the gaps, describing facial expressions, costume, scenery and action sequences as well as reading surtitles so that anyone unable to access visual aspects of the performance can follow the plot fully and independently.

The description provided by highly trained Vision Australia describers via a discreet receiver and earphone transmitted via an in-house wireless system.

In addition, pre-performance notes providing additional insight into the production are also available to service users through Vision Australia.

Tactile Tours

Tactile Tours allow audience members with limited vision to explore props and costumes, and where possible, get access to the set on stage. Led by an Opera Australia staff member who is closely involved in realising the production, the Tactile Tour helps to capture the atmosphere, costumes, characters and action of the show. 

How to book Audio Described Performances and Tactile Tours

Audio Described Performances and Tactile Tour bookings can only be made through Opera Australia directly by calling the Box Office in Sydney on 02 9318 8200, Melbourne on 03 9685 3700 or by emailing

When booking, please let us know the number of receivers you require. The receiver should be collected before the performance from the Customer Service Desk.

Audio described performances in 2016