Friday Opera Crossword #1

Will your opera knowledge take you to the top of the class? Try our Friday crossword.

From fun facts about the world's favourite operas to intriguing tidbits about opera in Australia, our crossword is for every opera lover. Test your knowledge by reading the clues beneath and filling out the squares.

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  1. This tenor is among the most famous to have ever lived.
  2. She was bloody brilliant in this role...
  3. He's best known for building the Opera House, but he also has an expressway named after him.
  4. This opera is inspired by a pivotal moment in US politics.
  5. This Italian tenor is well known for his performances in New York in the early 20th century.
  6. The Bayreuth Festival presents works mainly composed by its first director.
  7. It's not only Italy's home of opera, but also its home of fashion.
  8. This notable historical figure not only has an opera written about him, but was portrayed by Ben Kingsley in a 1980s film.
  9. This opera is based on a figure from Greek mythology, associated with Apollo.
  10. This Verdi masterpiece is also Australia's favourite opera, with one of the most wonderful soprano roles ever written.
  11. Papageno's job has him constantly looking to the skies (or at least to the branches in trees...)
  12. This opera features an incredibly famous overture.
  13. This is Turandot's first riddle, and it's a rather metaphoric question.
  14. It's a rather... fiery transformation.
  15. This soprano is well-known for her collaborations with Freddie Mercury.
  16. In this opera, the heroine Leonore disguises herself as a prison guard, whose name is the title.
  17. Price's performance of this role from the Met in New York is legendary, and was broadcast on TV.
  18. It's also the Spanish setting for a particularly famous Rossini opera featuring a barber.
  19. Bronhill's surname was inspired by her hometown.