Friday Opera Crossword #2

Is your opera knowledge second to none? Try our second Friday crossword.

From fun facts about the world's favourite operas to intriguing tidbits about opera in Australia, our crossword is for every opera lover. Test your knowledge by reading the clues beneath and filling out the squares.

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  1. She's named after a town in Greece, closely associated with the Olympics.
  2. This divine soprano is known as much for her dramatic prowess as her spectacular voice. She's known for her performances in the world's most prestigious opera houses in the 1950s and 60s.
  3. His initials are P.B. and as well as being a playwright, he was also a musician, watchmaker, horticulturist, arms dealer, diplomat and revolutionary.
  4. This Austrian composer is one of the most influential musicians of the early 20th century. He's also known for composing Wozzeck.
  5. Bernstein conducted the American premiere of this opera set in a coastal village in Suffolk.
  6. A small city on New Zealand's North Island, starting with G.
  7. Bel canto is a style of operatic singing in which the beauty of the voice is elevated above all else.
  8. This wonderful Russian character's name starts with T.
  9. This colourful Verdi character is the title character of his own popular opera.
  10. In the musical Rent, which is based on La Bohème, the equivalent character is called Benny.
  11. The opera is set in a fictional village by the sea.
  12. This Danish architect has the initials J.Z.
  13. Beethoven was a prolific composer, but he's not best known for opera.
  14. In 2014, the West Australian Opera dropped a production of Carmen from its repertoire because it had just entered a partnership with Healthway, a state government health promotion organisation.
  15. Also the Italian word for 'booklet', starting with L.
  16. This character shares her name with Hollywood siren Rita Hayworth's signature role.
  17. There's an animated bat in the 1997 movie Anastasia whose first name is the same as this Hungarian composer's surname.
  18. Puccini might not have completed the opera, but he did finish one of the most famous arias of all time for this beloved opera.
  19. This imaginary small town is based on a real-life one in East Suffolk, England, but Britten swapped the town's first letter from Y to L.