Friday Opera Crossword #3

Do you know your opera? Try our third Friday crossword.

From fun facts about the world's favourite operas to intriguing tidbits about opera in Australia, our crossword is for every opera lover. Test your knowledge by reading the clues beneath and filling out the squares.

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Need some extra help? Check out the hints below...

Need a hint?

  1. It's lower than a mezzo. This voice type's choral music equivalent is an alto, which should give you some idea...
  2. The Ring Cycle begins on the banks of the Rhine.
  3. Rosina marries a Count at the end of The Barber of Seville.
  4. His initials are L.D.P.
  5. This Russian epic is based on a very famous novel. The Sydney production used a staggering 41 principal singers and a chorus of 50.
  6. Colline is a very thoughtful man...
  7. The can-can is synonymous with France, and this composer wrote some of the greatest French operas and operettas.
  8. This composer's rivalry with Mozart was portrayed in a popular play and film.
  9. There's Joan Sutherland, Joan Hammond and Joan...
  10. In La Bohème, tuberculosis plays a pivotal role, but this musical features another disease, which was sadly claiming many lives in the early 1990s.
  11. Salome was scandalous when it premiered, and this endlessly quotable Irish writer was no stranger to scandal.
  12. Wagner was one of the most prominent proponents of this technique, which is known by its German term.
  13. Mozart was a true wunderkind, and composed his first symphony at just eight.
  14. The first four letters of his villain's name spell out the name of the villain in The Lion King.
  15. The helicopters are flying into battle, and this piece of music always takes flight.
  16. This singer was closely associated with Dame Joan Sutherland for their performances of the bel canto repertoire.
  17. The opera is set on the misty moors of this famously misty country.
  18. Every other venue was originally intended for live performance, but this one was made for another kind of entertainment.
  19. This composer has the initials R.M.
  20. The duet is performed by an Indian princess and her servant.