Friday Opera Crossword #4

Are you a die-hard opera fan? Try our fourth Friday crossword.

From fun facts about the world's favourite operas to intriguing tidbits about opera in Australia, our crossword is for every opera lover. Test your knowledge by reading the clues beneath and filling out the squares.

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  1. This writer was a champion of commedia dell'arte, and his initials are C.G.
  2. Scusi, you really don't know the answer to this one?
  3. The first word is "opera", and the second word starts with B.
  4. Verdi intended to adapt a handful of other Shakespeare plays into operas, but he only managed to complete handful.
  5. This Italian term translates to "first lady".
  6. This American composer is known for incorporating eclectic styles into his work, including jazz, rhythm 'n' blues and gospel. He also composed X, The Life and Times of Malcolm X, and his initials are A.D.
  7. This beloved novel is one of America's favourites, and has been adapted for the stage and screen multiple times. It's led by the characters George and Lennie.
  8. This opera, starting with the letter N, is considered one of Verdi's major breakthrough moments as a composer.
  9. Starting with an M, this river flows right through the centre of Mantua.
  10. The score for this rarely performed opera features music by five composers. The plot is based on a 1522 siege, in which the Ottoman Empire attempted to expel the Knights of Rhodes from their islands.
  11. This Verdi epic features love, war, betrayal and much more...
  12. This Italian city is also known for being the home of pizza.
  13. The opera is not just Glass's first, but also his longest, running to five hours with no intermissions. It's inspired by one of the great thinkers of the 20th century.
  14. This effect will give you a particular... thrill.
  15. Starting with the letter R, this opera features the popular 'Song for the Moon'.
  16. At the end of a musical phrase, there's usually a cadence. This is what happens when things get slightly more complicated.
  17. This singer is also American music royalty, known for her legendary appearances at the Met in New York.
  18. It might surprise you to learn you're listening to Wagner most times you see a bride walking down the aisle.
  19. Baz Luhrmann directed this production.
  20. Bellini was one of the most important bel canto composers of all time, but he wasn't one of the most prolific.