Friday Opera Crossword #5

Do you know opera back to front? Try our fifth (and final!) Friday crossword.

From fun facts about the world's favourite operas to intriguing tidbits about opera in Australia, our crossword is for every opera lover. Test your knowledge by reading the clues beneath and filling out the squares.

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  1. They're a smaller group of musicians than orchestra. More like a band, really...
  2. This German word means "seated rehearsal".
  3. He's arguably the world's most popular tenor right now, but this recent Christmas track did little to show off his extraordinary talents.
  4. The film tells the tale of a beautiful courtesan living in Paris, whose life is changed when she meets a dashing young man.
  5. His name starts with an L, and is shared with the second King of Belgium.
  6. Although this opera premiered first, it's actually the second opera, chronologically, in the Ring Cycle.
  7. His temperament was probably not right for this calling...
  8. This French courtesan is the protagonist of the novel La Dame aux Camélias.
  9. She actually shares the same first name as the woman in the previous clue.
  10. This Italian musical term is notated as 'pizz' in a musical score.
  11. Bugs Bunny appears as a rather sexy valkyrie in this episode.
  12. This palace is located in Rome and currently serves as the French Embassy in Italy.
  13. This Italian conductor also led the premiere of Puccini's Turandot, although not his Tosca. Tosca might have been an appropriate opera, given his name...
  14. This secret fraternity features a compass and a square as its symbol.
  15. There were only a few prima donnas who were as in-demand as this soprano in 1960.
  16. Also the name of a delicious and simple style of pizza.
  17. The café shares its name with a figure from Greek mythology, who is the personification of satire and mockery.
  18. At just nine years of age, de Niese was truly a young talent at the time.
  19. This Australian novelist has won three Miles Franklin Awards and the Booker Prize twice, for his novels Oscar and Lucinda and The True History of the Kelly Gang.