Playlist: Your favourite overtures

Nothing sets the mood like an overture...

An overture is a magical thing: it might be a triumphant burst of energy, something subtly menacing, or a mournful tune foreshadowing tragedy ahead. No matter the style, overtures are a perfect introduction to the world of an opera, as musical worlds come to life in the orchestra pit, filling an auditorium with anticipation.

We recently asked our audience to share their favourite overtures on Facebook. We compiled the most frequently mentioned overtures into a playlist on YouTube and Spotify. (And yes, we did cheat and include the 'Intermezzo' from Cavalleria Rusticana... We couldn't help ourselves.)

To watch the playlist on YouTube, simply click play on the video below, and all 18 overtures will play. To listen on Spotify, use the player to the right or click this link to open the playlist in Spotify.

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