Lisa McCune in The Divorce

The Divorce

After a long and satisfying marriage, wealthy couple Iris (Marina Prior) and Jed (John O’May), are happily getting a divorce and are throwing an elaborate party at their elegant home to celebrate. But by the end of the evening, Iris and Jed’s divorce has triggered a renegotiation of all certainties and the characters are set on an unanticipated course.

Featuring an impressive all-star ensemble of Australian stage and screen talent, The Divorceis a whimsical whirl through Iris and Jed’s elaborate separation party. Lisa McCune plays Louise, Iris’ unlucky in love sister who has her eye on Jed until she’s thrust into the spotlight of Toby (Hugh Sheridan), an aspiring painter. Meanwhile Iris and Jed’s longsuffering PA Caroline played by pop singer Kate Miller-Heidke, is on the hop from a pair of comical debt collectors.

Director, Dean Murphy (Strange Bedfellows) and cinematographer Roger Lanser (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) join forces with internationally acclaimed composer Elena Kats-Chernin and award-winning playwright Joanna Murray-Smith to bring this musical comedy to life.

The Divorce is a humorous, witty and musically rich 'soap opera' exploring the universal themes of love, passion, regret, greed and longing that will resonate with a broad audience.

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Behind the scenes: filming The Divorce
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Behind the scenes: filming The Divorce


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The Divorce will air on Sky Arts on 19 June 2017 at 9pm (BST).

The Divorce is a Princess Pictures Production in association with ABC TV and Opera Australia. Financed with the assistance of The Opera Conference, ABC TV, Screen Australia and Film Victoria. The Opera Conference partners are Opera Australia, the State Opera of South Australia, Opera Queensland and the West Australian Opera.

Composer Elena Kats-Chernin AO
Libretto Joanna Murray-Smith
Based on an original idea by Lyndon Terracini
Director Dean Murphy
Cinematography Roger Lanser
Conductor Vanessa Scammell
Featuring Lisa McCune
  Marina Prior
  Hugh Sheridan
  Kate Miller-Heidke
  John O'May
  Matthew McFarlane
  Melissa Madden-Gray
  Peter Cousens
Producer Andrea Denholm
ABC Executive Producer Christopher Gist
ABC Acting Head of Arts Mandy Chang
Opera Australia Chorus
Chorus Master Anthony Hunt
  Carrie Barr
  Cherie Boogaart
  Emma Castelli
  Rebecca Currier
  Eleanor Greenwood
  Stuart Haycock
  Nicholas Jones
  Jerzy Kozlowski
  Vanessa Lewis
  Jonathan McCauley
  Jodie McGuren
  James Payne
  Ben Rasheed
  Sitiveni Talei
  Emily Uhlrich
Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra
Violin Catalin Ungureanu (Leader)
  Airena Nakamura
  Ursula Luxton
Viola Virginia Comerford
  Shelley Soerensen
  Luke Spicer
Cello Andrew Hines
  Eszter Mikes-Liu
Double Bass Andrew Meisel
  Edmund Bastian
Clarinet Peter Jenkin
  Phillip Green
  Richard Rourke
  John Lewis
Bassoon Douglas Eyre
  Matthew Ockenden
Saxophone Craig Driscoll
  Michael Duke
  Christina Leonard
  James Nightingale
Trumpet Craig Ross
  Bruce Hellmers
  Brian Evans
  Matthew Dempsey
  Colin Grisdale
  Melanie McLoughlin
Trombone Gregory van der Struik
  Brett Favell
  William Farmer
Percussion / Timpani Shaun Trubiano
  Allan Watson
Drum Kit Andrew Gander
Guitar Rex Goh
Harp Jane Rosenson
  Genevieve Lang
Piano Michael Curtain
  Tahu Matheson
  Nigel Ubrihien