Kate Miller-Heidke, Lally Katz, and Iain Grandage

The Rabbits (Live Original Cast Recording)

The Rabbits (Live Original Cast Recording)

The Rabbits is an evocative and deeply moving story. Adapted from the haunting picture book by John Marsden and Shaun Tan, it tells of colonisation, displacement and, ultimately, of hope.

Lally Katz transforms Marsden's spare poetry into an enchanting libretto. Butterfly-voiced opera and pop singer Kate Miller-Heidke wrote the "simply beautiful" score (The Guardian) and performs alongside a talented cast of opera singers and contemporary music performers.

Recorded live at Roslyn Packer Theatre during Sydney Festival in 2016.

Composer Kate Miller-Heidke
Librettist Lally Katz
Adaptor & Director John Sheedy
Musical Supervisor,
Musical Arrangements &
Additional Music
Iain Grandage
Musical Director Isaac Hayward
Bird (Narrator) Kate Miller-Heidke
Coda Hollie Andrew
Flinch Jessica Hitchcock
Roxie Lisa Maza
2 Stripe Marcus Corowa
3 Stripe David Leha
A Scientist Kanen Breen
A Society Rabbit Nicholas Jones
A Convict Christopher Hillier
A Lieutenant Simon Meadows
The Captain Robert Mitchell
Piano, Cello and Piano Accordion Isaac Hayward
Violin Stephanie Zarka
Guitar & Electronics Keir Nuttall
Trumpet Callum G'Froerer
Bass & Tuba Andrew Johnson

Track Listing:

1. Dawn Chorus
2. Flinch’s Dream
3. The Scientist’s Contraption
4. First Encounter
5. Years Pass Transition
6. Seasick Waltz
7. Watching from Trees
8. Rabbit Utopia
9. My Sky
10. Tea & War
11. Kite Song
12. Electric Light
13. Millions
14. Where?
15. Billabong Epilogue
16. BONUS TRACK Where? (Acoustic Version)


The rabbits came many grandparents ago. They built houses, made roads, had children. They cut down trees. A whole continent of rabbits...

'Where?' from The Rabbits, performed by Kate Miller-Heidke

'Where?' from The Rabbits, performed by Kate Miller-Heidke (...)