Leo Delibes

Lakme - Joan Sutherland

Lakme - Joan Sutherland

Joan Sutherland gives a thrilling, nuanced performance in Delibes' Lakmé, the exotic tale of a doomed romance between a priest's daughter and a British army officer, set in India against the backdrop of nineteenth century British rule. Capturing the opera's melodically graceful score is Richard Bonynge, who draws out Sutherland's dramatic power and vocal beauty in the sublime Bell Song and Flower Duet.


Recorded 1976
Composer Leo Delibes
Conductor Richard Bonynge
Lakmé Joan Sutherland
Gerald Henri Wilden
Nilakantha Clifford Grant
Ellen Isobel Buchanan
Frederick John Pringle
Mallika Huguette Tourangeau
Hadji Graeme Ewer
Rose Jennifer Bermingham
Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra  
The Opera Australia Chorus  


Joan Sutherland - Lakme excerpt

Joan Sutherland - Lakme excerpt