Madame Butterfly at Canberra Theatre Centre


Madame Butterfly at Canberra Theatre Centre

Canberra TheatreSeptember 6 – 8, 2018
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Thu 6.9.18
7:30 PM
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Fri 7.9.18
7:30 PM
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Sat 8.9.18
1:00 PM
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Sat 8.9.18
7:30 PM
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Madame Butterfly is a love story that reaches across cultures, across oceans, across time.

Puccini's popular opera inspired the musical Miss Saigon. It is filled with gorgeous music, from the lovers' first rapturous embrace to the intense finale. It features the famous aria 'One Fine Day' and the Humming Chorus, along with Japanese and American musical themes.

One of Australia's greatest theatrical minds, John Bell, directs this English-language production, complete with beautiful costumes and sets.

Hear Opera Australia's wonderful singers perform with a chamber orchestra, along with a children's chorus, drawn from the local community.

Conductor Warwick Stengards
Director John Bell
Set & Costume Designer Jennie Tate
Sets & Costumes Realised by Julie Lynch
Lighting Designer Matt Scott
Choreographer Sachiko Tange

Chamber Orchestra

Running time: approximately 2 hours & 30 minutes, including one interval.

Sung in English.

National Tour Leading Partner


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The American naval captain, Pinkerton, fascinated by the exotic beauty of the geisha Cio-Cio-San, marries her while visiting Japan. Cio-Cio-San, enthralled by his American ways and promise of a modern life in America, falls wholeheartedly in love with the stranger. But Pinkerton already has a foot out the door, looking forward to the day he will marry “a real wife, a wife from America.”

Years pass, and Cio-Cio-San waits faithfully for her husband’s return. Long abandoned by her family, she is alone with her servant Suzuki and a living memento of her American love. She refuses all offers of marriage, singing of her great hope for the day Pinkerton will return. The faithful Suzuki tries in vain to convince her to abandon hope.

But when his ship comes in, Pinkerton is not alone. As dawn breaks, what will become of Butterfly’s great hope?

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