In this activity students will:

  • Start to weave together a framework for their version of the Cinderella story
  • Learn a new song that involves characters responding to each other



This is the point where the class take ownership of their performance. Having completed five units of activity, it is time to now plan your own performance of Cinderella, choosing which of the material included in this unit of work to include in your show and how it will be done.

Session Outline

Warm up activities:

Task 1:

Learn the song: Back at the Atelier (fashion shop) using the demo track.

Here all the characters – except the Prince are involved. Magnifico and Tisbe are trying to stop Angelina from dreaming and put her in her place. Consider this when singing the lines of the song. Note that after Magnifico and Tisbe sing, Angelina has a spoken part and then furiously responds in song.

Task 2:

Planning your performance.

Explain to the class it is now time to put their performance together and that the next few lessons will be about planning and rehearsing for a performance. In this activity you become directors making decisions about how the drama and look of your show helps with the story telling. Refer to the Directors Notes section at the back

Compile a list of all the material that you have learnt in each of the activity units. Include some of the warmup exercises and songs that you think could fit with this story. You can choose what musical material to include in your performance.

Use the 8 plot points as the structure of your story.

  • Where will you add the songs?
  • What other things might you include in your performance?
  • Will members of the class have particular roles?
  • What other skills might you bring to your Cinderella?

(Consider the warmups, tongue Twisters and any other material that might be included from the additional extracurricular work the class has been doing. Note there will be a song learnt next activity which can be used to conclude the performance.)

As each idea is mooted, revise it and consider how it would work best within the structure of your story.

Cross curricular option

Art and Design:

Creating the “look of your performance”; design the set and/or props for your production of Cinderella.

How can you be minimal yet create a scene?

Once agreed create or gather together the backdrop and props so the class can incorporate them into rehearsals for Activities 7 and 8.