About Cinderella

Strap yourselves in and get ready to be transported to the floating city of Venice for a story that will remind you to shine bright and stand out from the crowd.

Angelina is a designer, costumier and seamstress of unparalleled skill. She longs to design bold, beautiful clothing but is stuck making ugly garments for her social-climbing step father Don Magnifico and sister Tisbe.

Prince Ramiro has been charged to host a grand ball during the Venetian Carnival and wants to wear something wild and unusual to prove his uniqueness. He announces a city-wide competition, but is there anyone in Venice who can rise to the challenge?

Based on Rossini’s La Cenerentola, this brand-new initiative has been especially devised for school students of primary school ages.

Singing and Storytelling

Singing and Storytelling is a new initiative for primary schools to develop singing and drama skills in teachers and their students as they engage in storytelling activities inspired by Opera Australia’s new work Cinderella.

This resource consists of eight activities which take up to one hour to complete. The unit of work may be completed over a series of weeks or in a block of intense rehearsal, whatever suits your classroom needs and schedule. As the class works through the activities they build a repertoire of songs, musical skills and drama techniques which become the foundation of their own creative response to a story telling challenge.

The programme engages children in a range of music, drama and cross curricular activity as they explore this original tale based on the fairy tale Cinderella. All activities are supported by lesson plans, backing tracks, word sheets, suggested cross curricular activities and extensive teacher notes unpacking the concepts and tasks.

Participation in this classroom program will foster teamwork, listening and communication skills, resilience, creative problem solving and critical thinking skills. By the end of the program they will have devised, rehearsed and performed their own version of the story, and had a lot of fun along the journey!


Activity 1: Once upon a time...

Learn about singing and drama as a means of storytelling.

Activity 2: It's all about me!

Explore how a performer creates a character and tells their story.

Activity 3: Opportunity knocks

Create characters from the clues discovered in the plot of Cinderella.

Activity 4: Let me tell you a story

Explore dramatic techniques and increase vocal confidence.

Activity 5: The competition

Sing with purpose and respond to spoken word as an individual and as a group.

Activity 6: Heading in the right direction

Weave together a framework for your own Cinderella story.

Activity 7: Don't let the team down!

Creatively problem solve and assemble your performance.

Activity 8: The show must go on!

Polish your performance and perform it.

About Opera Australia

Find out a little more about us and our mission to perform to as many people as possible.

Opera Australia would like to thank  Deena Shiff and James Gillespie  for their contribution to the creation of this resource  and their valued commitment to Opera Australia’s education initiatives.