In this activity students will:

  • Be ready to perform their version of Cinderella and do so for an audience
  • Develop their confidence and resilience by presenting a performance
  • Review their first lesson video of their singing and discuss their progress
  • Watch and evaluate footage of their performance to creatively problem solve, evaluate and comment upon the work of themselves and others.


  • All music backing tracks
  • Any props, costumes and set created by the class for their performance
  • Camera to record the performance


The main purpose of this week is to polish your performance and then perform it either live in an assembly or school concert; or to record it and share it online for the wider school community to enjoy, thus rounding off the unit of work. Remind the students that this project has been about developing their singing, their ability to sing in character and tell a story with their faces, bodies and voices.

Either before the final performance or after the final performance it is essential that the students take time to compare their singing and performing skills from activity one with the standard they have reached by the end of activity eight. Hopefully the progress made will inspire them to join a school choir, or work towards another performance.

Session Outline

Warm up activities:

Vocal warm up – hum quietly through each of the songs

Dress Rehearsal

This is the final rehearsal – where everything is done as it would be in a show, without stopping.

Then sit the class quietly and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the dress rehearsal. Explain that this is called giving notes – and is what a professional director would do before opening night.

It is important here for the students to be taking responsibility for remembering the improvements they want to make, to be commenting critically but constructively, and to be problem solving about how to best overcome any issues that are identified.

The Performance

Ensure the students are well warmed up and focused.

Remind them about projecting and being constantly aware of their audience

Be encouraging and you get them focused, reminding them about how much they have improved and how important it is to be able to show this in their performance.

Good LUCK or as we say in the opera world “Toi, Toi, Toi!”

If possible, film the performance so that the students can review and enjoy it too.

Cross curricular option

Literacy: Writing program content or an article for the school website.

Art: design some advertising posters

Creative response to the activity: choose a way to sum up your experience of creating the Cinderella project – a photograph, a drawing, a short speech or poem that can be shared with the teacher when evaluating the project.