La Traviata


La Traviata

Arts Centre Melbourne, State Theatre

Violetta wears velvet and lace and drinks the very best champagne from crystal glasses. Her parties are legendary, her company desired. She's free and free-spirited, living outside society's bounds, and for this courtesan, it seems like the party will never end. Could a little love really change everything?

La Traviata is so popular because it puts a life we can only dream of on stage, with its risqué glamour, joys and sorrows.

Verdi's music sings of freedom with flying melodies, makes merry with rousing drinking songs and leaves us, at the last, with passionate duets between breaking hearts.

This production by Elijah Moshinsky is one of our most successful, featuring lush party scenes in Paris and beautiful autumn afternoons in the countryside.

Lavish, crowded sets and exquisite costumes combined with Verdi's famous tunes offer the perfect way to experience opera for the first time, or the chance to revisit a favourite with an exciting new cast. 

Outstanding young American soprano Corinne Winters makes her Australian debut in her signature role.


Raise your glass, flutter your pretty lashes, it's Paris in the salons and you're the life of this party. He's staring at you, he's singing for you... Are you tempted?

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Conductor Carlo Montanaro
Director Elijah Moshinsky
Revival Director Constantine Costi
Set Designer Michael Yeargan
Costume Designer Peter J Hall
Lighting Designer Nigel Levings
Violetta Valéry Corinne Winters
Alfredo Germont Yosep Kang (until May 4)
  Ho-Yoon Chung (May 8 & 11)
Giorgio Germont José Carbó
Flora Bervoix Dominica Matthews
Gastone John Longmuir
Baron Douphol Adrian Tamburini
Marquis d'Obigny Tom Hamilton
Doctor Grenvil Gennadi Dubinsky
Annina Natalie Aroyan
Giuseppe Jin Tea Kim
Messenger Jonathan McCauley
Servant Malcolm Ede

Opera Australia Chorus

Orchestra Victoria

Running time: approximately 2 hours & 48 minutes, including two 20-minute intervals

Production Partner

The StoryHide

Beautiful and carefree, the courtesan Violetta is the life of every party. But behind her dazzling smile, she knows that she is dying. Unaware of her troubles, the shy Alfredo is in love. Violetta is torn: is the promise of true love worth giving up her life of freedom?

She takes a chance on a life with Alfredo living in the country, and it seems she could be happy. But Alfredo's father has other ideas. He demands the impossible: Violetta leave Alfredo, for the sake of his family’s reputation.

Devastated, Violetta agrees, and writes Alfredo a letter of farewell, concealing her love.

Alfredo is heartbroken and furious, and coming face to face with her at a ball, he delivers the ultimate insult.

Will Alfredo learn of Violetta’s undying love before she succumbs to her illness?

Act I

Violetta has been to a sanatorium to treat her tuberculosis. On her return to health she throws a party to mark her re-emergence in the demi-monde under the protection of Baron Douphol. Her guests have just completed a long lunch and the Baron is reading the last pages of a novel by Dumas to Violetta when Flora, a rival courtesan, enters with her protector the Marquis.

Alfredo is introduced to Violetta by the decadent Gaston. Alfredo has begged Gaston to introduce him to Violetta. He has long been enthralled by her and has enquired after Violetta every day of her illness.

Violetta insists that everyone sits together and drinks a toast to the occasion. Alfredo is prevailed upon to sing a drinking song from Provence.

As the guests leave to dance in the ballroom, Violetta feels faint and is momentarily left alone. Alfredo re-enters and confesses his love for her. She asks him to return the following day.

After her guests leave and she is alone, Violetta begins to consider the conflicting feelings of love and hedonism that are pulling her in opposite directions.

Act II

Scene i 

Violetta and Alfredo have been living together for three months in a house in the country. When Alfredo discovers that Violetta is selling her belongings to pay for their expenses, he is conscience-stricken and leaves to visit his father, to raise some money. His father, however, has decided to call on Violetta to persuade her to give up Alfredo. Alfredo’s sister hopes to be married soon, and his relationship with Violetta jeopardises the family’s honour. Violetta realises that as a ‘fallen woman’ she would destroy Alfredo’s family and consents to leave him. She decides to leave instantly and writes a message to Alfredo, breaking off their affair. When Alfredo receives the message he is distraught and, despite his father’s attempts to console him, rushes off to wreak revenge on Violetta.

Scene ii

A party is being held in Flora’s house. Alfredo enters to join the gambling party. When Violetta enters on the arm of the Baron she freezes with tension. Alfredo begins to insult the Baron and the two rivals meet over cards, and Alfredo, unlucky in love, cannot lose a hand. The game is interrupted by dinner.

Violetta begs Alfredo to leave before Douphol seeks revenge. Alfredo insists she comes with him and, in desperation, she says she loves the Baron. Alfredo publicly humiliates Violetta and throws money at her as payment for her services. Alfredo’s father reproves him for such behaviour.


It is early morning and Violetta is sleeping. The doctor has given her only a few hours to live. Violetta rereads a letter from Alfredo’s father, telling her that the Baron was wounded in the duel with Alfredo and that Alfredo may have left the country.

But Alfredo has been told by his father of Violetta’s sacrifice and he returns — only to be confronted by the dying Violetta. He humours her by telling her that they should plan a new life away from Paris. Alfredo’s father has followed him and enters, followed by the doctor. Violetta suddenly feels revived, ready to start a new life with Alfredo — but this is only the symptom of the last moments of her disease and she falls dead.

Raise your glass and let the party begin...

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Entrée (The Baron)
Dinner only, not available at lunch

Homemade pork and pistachio terrine served with pickled vegetables &
               freshly baked sourdough bread.

Homemade pork and pistachio terrine served with pickled vegetables, and freshly baked sourdough bread
+ a glass of sparkling wine on arrival.


Main (The Courtesan)
Dinner and lunch

Seared salmon served with ratatouille, basil pesto with a side of onion

Seared salmon served with ratatouille, basil pesto with a side of onion rings
+ a glass of Endless Chardonnay, Central Victoria.


Dessert (Violetta's Passion)
Dinner and lunch

Violet gateau with elderberry syrup.

Violet gâteau with elderberry syrup
+ tea or filtered coffee. 


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Published menu is subject to change without notice. Vegetarian and vegan options are available upon request. This menu is available only before performances of La Traviata.

"La Traviata is marvellous, visually stunning, and musically divine."

— The Plus Ones

"[Corinne Winters] is a very contemporary Violetta"

— The Saturday Paper
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