Brian Howard


Opera Australia Scenery Workshop, The Opera Centre, Dawson St, Surry HillsSeptember 26 – 29, 2018
General Admission
Wed 26.9.18
7:00 PM
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Thu 27.9.18
7:00 PM
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Fri 28.9.18
7:00 PM
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Sat 29.9.18
7:00 PM
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New production

Gregor is a broken man, exhausted by eternal work and an ungrateful family. Until one morning, he awakes, and is not a man at all.

Kafka’s grotesque tragedy of a man turned insect is an engrossing story. Music adds an edgy intensity: Metamorphosis as opera is riveting, shattering, morbidly fascinating theatre.

Brian Howard’s score is percussive, inventive and courageous. Twelve musicians and six singers ratchet up the horror and pathos of this work: a story of social alienation in a modern, inhuman world.

Director Tama Matheson and designer Mark Thompson focus their creative talents on an unusual stage. This chamber opera will take place in the Opera Australia scenery workshop — that magical space where castles, tombs and salons rise from piles of plywood. This season, it becomes a performance space, where a talented cast perform this contemporary piece.

Simon Lobelson performs the demanding role of Gregor and Paul Fitzsimon conducts.


“But what if all the quiet, the comfort, the contentment were to end in horror?”

By Franz Kafka
Adapted by Steven Berkoff
Music by Brian Howard
Conductor Paul Fitzsimon
Director Tama Matheson
Set & Costume Designer Mark Thompson
Lighting Designer John Rayment
Gregor Simon Lobelson
Greta Julie Lea Goodwin
Father Christopher Hillier
Mother Taryn Fiebig
Chief Clerk Adrian Tamburini
Lodger Benjamin Rasheed

Opera Australia Orchestra Soloists

Running time: approximately 1 hour & 30 minutes.

Sung in English.

The StoryHide

When Gregor wakes up, he knows something is wrong. Is he sick? Exhausted? Could it be something worse?

He has transformed into something monstrous.

Gregor and his family grapple with their horror and confusion as he works out how to live in his new skin.

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