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Singer Julie Lea Goodwin in The Merry Widow

The Merry Widow

Sydney Opera House | 5–16 January 2021

A frothy comedy, bubbling over with memorable tunes, elegant dance numbers, and realistic, likeable characters.

See it if you like Champagne and frivolity, Midnight in Paris.

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A performance of Ernani at La Scala Opera House in Milan


Sydney Opera House | 2–13 February 2021

A medieval tale of heroes and villains, lovers and betrayals, featuring Verdi’s signature rousing music.

See it if you like adventure stories, thrilling ensemble singing, passionate choruses.

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A woman holds a sharp dagger behind her back, wearing a silver gown


Sydney Opera House | 22 February–13 March 2021

An ordinary woman finds the courage to do something extraordinary, in a thrilling story with some of opera’s most powerful music.

See it if you like World War Two films with a good romance thrown in, breathtaking sets, dramatic stories with music to match.

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White light pours through a round open safe door

Bluebeard's Castle

Sydney Opera House | 1–10 March 2021

A short psychological thriller about a new bride and a sinister castle. Evocative music draws you right into the chilling tale.

See it if you like holding your breath in movies, ambiguous endings that will leave you wondering, Wozzeck or King Roger.

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La Traviata on Sydney Harbour

Fleet Steps, Mrs Macquaries Point | 26 March–25 April 2021

The 3.5-tonne chandelier sparkles with 10,000 crystals. The biggest scenes feature 70 performers on stage and party boats in the harbour.

See it if you like romantic stories, famous tune, fireworks and Pretty Woman.

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The Ring Cycle

Queensland Performing Arts Centre | 29 October–20 November 2021

Greed, love, murder, jealousy, gods, giants, Valkyries and even a dragon in a four-opera, 15-hour epic.

See it if you like Wagner, The Lord of the Rings, event theatre.

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Queensland Performing Arts Centre | 3–19 November 2021

A royal love triangle and an epic historic war. This production features floor-to-ceiling LED panels as an impressive, immersive set.

See it if you like historic epics like Ben Hur, awkward love triangles, spectacular costumes, screens on stage.

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