Marco Devetak

Marco Devetak

Video Designer

During his final year at the Fine Arts school of Gorizia (Italy), Marco showed a lively interest in filmmaking, especially for experimental and surreal cinema. He successively moved to the UK and graduated with First Class Honours in Film Studies at the University Of Wales, Lampeter.

In 2007 Marco joined The London Film School to attend a two-year MA course in Filmmaking where he graduated in directing (2009) and has been working as a filmmaker since.

In 2010 he co-founded the film and multi-media company Lanterna Vision with colleague Shuang Zou. Lanterna Vision aims to produce experimental and thought provoking storytelling for the screen and the stage through cutting-edge images and cinematic techniques. 

The company has established a productive cross-collaboration between the UK, Europe and China on a series of theatre/opera/film projects.

Lanterna Vision’s work includes: Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure (Play, Oval Theatre of London, UK 2010), Wang (Play, Guangzhou theatre and NCPA of Beijing, China 2011), Tu-Lou (Opera, Fuzhou Dance and Music Theatre, NCPA of Beijing, China 2011), Handel’s Messiah (Opera, Royal Opera House of Copenhagen, Denmark 2012, Frankfurt, Germany 2016), Lulu (Play, Oval Theatre of London, UK 2012), The Wonderful Adventure of Nils (Musical, adapted for the stage and translated in Chinese by Shuang Zou, The People’s art theatre of Wuhan and tour of China, 2013), Dead Man Walking (Opera, Schwerin, Germany 2014).