The Ring Cycle: Packages

The Ring Cycle is a special event, sold as a four-opera series. Tickets are available for complete four-opera cycles only. Concessions are not available.

Premium $2200
A Reserve $1800
B Reserve $1000
C Reserve $380

You can buy the four operas as a complete cycle, with the same seat for each opera. Or you may purchase the four operas of the Ring Cycle in the date order you prefer. For example, you could buy the four performances on Saturday. You must still buy all four operas in the Ring Cycle.

Choose a complete Ring Cycle

Keep the same seat for all four operas.

Cycle 1
29 October–4 November 2021

Cycle 2
6–12 November 2021

Cycle 3
14–20 November 2021

Buy a flexible Cycle

Choose your own nights and seats to see each opera in the Ring Cycle. You can see the operas in any order you choose.