Pinchgut Opera 2020 Season

Pinchgut Opera

Pinchgut Opera celebrates the beauty and the breadth of emotions through music and the human voice.

Other companies do the more familiar operas and early music repertoire excellently; Pinchgut helps audiences discover something new.

Early opera is like wine; it comes in a fascinating variety of different styles, genres, tastes and colours.

Before steamships, railroads and mass production, music thrived in widespread but localised centres of experimentation and refinement. As cities became more connected, operas became less varied and more standardised. Pinchgut Opera scours this period from opera's birth to its flowering in the Baroque to bring you the very best masterworks from this dazzling and fertile time in music history.

No one in Australia is better placed than the award-winning Pinchgut Opera to bring you these works, delivering an auditory experience true to the composer's intention, through a contemporary visual lens.

Pinchgut Opera's 2020 season has been postponed as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.

"Pinchgut Opera is a national treasure"

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