A soprano sings on the steps of Sydney Opera House, her yellow dress billows out behind her.

The Sydney Opera House was built for opera.

From the moment you glimpse the soaring sails, the excitement kicks in.

There's the buzz in the foyer bars as you enjoy a drink overlooking the magnificent Sydney Harbour, and when you take your seat the anticipation builds as the orchestra tunes and the curtain rises.


A woman sitting in a sparkly dress while a man in a striped shirt kisses her arm.

La Bohème 

Glitzy sets, big emotions and stirring music fill the stage in this romantic classic. 

4 January–24 March 2017 

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Sounds like...
 A woman dressed in all black sitting at a table with a glass of red wine.

Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci 

Roll up for a double dose of desperation and drama in this classic double bill of tragedies with stories that cut all too close to home. 

12 January–4 February 2017  

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Sounds like...
A woman wearing a velvet and lace dress stands still as a lavish party goes on behind her.

La Traviata

Opera like you see in the movies: exquisite period dresses, lavish parties, tragic endings.

3 February–1 April 2017 

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Sounds like...
A woman looking away while she holds a knife behind her back.


A thrilling story of love, lust and betrayal unfolds at breakneck pace in this war drama.

17 February–31 March 2017

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