Ghost Sonata


Ghost Sonata

Opera Australia Scenery Workshop, The Opera Centre, Dawson St, Surry Hills

New production

Our crimes bind us, our secrets, our guilt. We have tried to break away… But we always come back.

At the Ghost’s Supper, no one can conceal their ugliness. Inside or outside, it dwells in us all.

Come into the unsettling world of Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata, where nothing is as it seems. Bewitched by a woman’s beauty and drawn into a stranger’s sinister plans, a student enters a handsome house. In that wretched place, food is poison. The dead are alive. Paradise proves rotten inside.

Aribert Reimann’s 1984 opera is a haunting and evocative chamber work, exploring Strindberg’s moody text with complex rhythms and other-worldly tones.

This staging takes place in the Opera Australia workshop in Surry Hills. Down a nondescript set of stairs, behind a blank door, the cavernous workshop is filled with magic: the half-finished props and set-pieces of a hundred stories, a hundred shows. Director Greg Eldridge creates Strindberg’s Stockholm in the midst of these other worlds.

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Based on the play by August Strindberg
Music by Aribert Reimann
Conductor Warwick Stengards
Director Greg Eldridge
Assistant Director & Movement Matthew Barclay
Designer Emma Kingsbury
Lighting Designer John Rayment
The Old Man Richard Anderson
The Mummy Dominica Matthews
Dark Lady / Cook Ruth Strutt
The Colonel John Longmuir
The Student Shanul Sharma
The Young Woman Danita Weatherstone
Johansson Virgilio Marino
Bengtsson Alexander Hargreaves

Opera Australia Orchestra

Running time: approximately 90 minutes, with no interval.

The StoryHide

A young student is drawn into a frightening house where nothing is as it seems. At a dinner party, secrets unravel and everything horrible is made plain.

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