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IFAC — Patron-in-Chief

The International Foundation for Arts and Culture is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Dr Haruhisa Handa in 1996.

IFAC supports various programs internationally that aim to champion and advance arts, culture and education globally. IFAC’s partnership with Opera Australia has achieved great successes in promoting the arts, and specifically opera, as an accessible medium for all.

In 2012, Opera Australia, Dr Haruhisa Handa and Destination NSW, came together to create one of the world’s greatest cultural events; the internationally renowned Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour.

In the eight years since its inauguration, more than 400,000 people have attended the truly unique outdoor setting in person and more than 530,000 have watched the performances on screens across the globe. Through the innovative delivery of Handa Opera, thousands of newcomers are experiencing opera for the first time.

In addition to its partnership with Opera Australia, IFAC Australia is proud to support the Australian Singing Competition.

Internationally, IFAC is committed to a wide array of programmes and partnerships including the Juilliard School (USA), the International High School Arts Festival (Japan), the British Museum (UK), the Place London School of Contemporary Dance (UK) and more recently, the Prince’s Foundation (UK & USA).

Dr Haruhisa Handa, Chairman of IFAC, is honoured to be Patron-in-Chief of Opera Australia.

West Side Story at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour 2019. Photograph: Hamilton Lund.

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Partnerships Manager
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HSBC — Hero Partner

As a leading global bank servicing customers in over 80 countries around the world, HSBC believes greater cultural understanding leads to better opportunities for all.

Opera speaks to the timeless connectivity of music that touches audiences globally. To launch our new partnership, HSBC wanted to celebrate the passion and talent that make up the bigger picture of Opera Australia. They went behind the scenes with Emelia Simcox, Head of Scenic Art and Rebecca Ritchie, Head of Wardrobe, to share their stories.

HSBC is proud to support all the members of Opera Australia who bring so much joy and artistry to Australia.

Qantas — Hero Partner

Qantas is our oldest partner, supporting us since 1970.

Qantas shows its support for Sydney’s cultural life each year at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour with the Qantas Garden Bar. Serving delicious morsels and their signature ‘Spritz of Australia’ cocktail, Qantas brings a special touch to our landmark, waterside event.

Qantas helps us educate the next generation as the Program Partner of our Schools Tour in New South Wales and Victoria. They’re key in helping us make opera accessible and inclusive. By supporting our special Auslan weeks, Qantas makes it possible for shadow interpreters to join our Schools Tour performances so that audience members who are deaf or hard of hearing can also enjoy them.

As a Hero Partner of Opera Australia, Qantas continue to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and the cultural fabric of Australia.